Pennsylvania, 3rd Reg., 2nd Bat., 5th Co. - Reading Township

Company Orders - April 17, 1848 and 1849 Enrollment

Contributed by Art & Kay Harple Staub in 1999

Company Orders

To the enrolled Militia of the 5th Company 2nd Battalion 3rd Regiment Pa. Militia. Will meet for drill on Monday the 1st of May next precisely at 10 oclock AM in the town of Hampton with Sufficient Firelocks according to law

Reading Township
April 17th 1848
H.A. Webb, Captain
The Company will form in front of J. Dicks Tavern

Officers of the 5th
John Geigh
Moses Myers

Israel Brown
Jacob Ringlove
John Hoover
Franklin Noel
David Baker
John Bowers
James M. Cordele
Levi Chronister
Henry Carl
John Wolf
John Brough of John
David Croford
Alphert(?) Warner
John Hanes
Isack Begaw

Enroll ment of the Millitia (sic) of the 5th Com. 2 Battalion 3rd Regiment Reading Township
Names between age of 21 and 45 years
 Abra Hanes
Jonas Dicks
William Chriswell
Mikle Bushey
John Simson
Samuel Reinerd(?)
Adam Miller
Moses Phillips
Benjamin Malone
Joseph Spangle
Samuel Overhut(?)
Samuel Sprah(?)
Jacob Chronister
Henry Albert
Christian Cashman
Robert Dicks
David M C White
George Chronister
Solomon Eversole
Valentine Myers
Adam Stough
Jacob Shaffer
Emanuel Chronister
William F Tudor
Isac Tudor
David Miller
Emanuel Chronister
Jessee Chronister
John Dicks
Peder Mummers
Cornelius Myers
Joseph F Deardorff
Jacob C Schriver
Eligah Myers
Abraham Fickes
Silas Fickes
John Trimer
John Moule
George Baker
John Gisleman(?)
George P White
Moses M Neely
---?-- Chronister
James Gettes
Joseph Stough
Isac (?) Haverstock
Mickle Phillips
John Tulabaugh
---?-- Bushy
---?-- Shirem(?)
---?-- Mundor(?)
John Mic master
Abraham Noel
Abraham Bushey
Solomon Chronister
George Funrow(?)
John Breniser
George Fiskel
Samuel Menges
David Brown of (?)
David Brown of Joseph
George Baker (crossed out)
Jacob George Wagner
Davis Martin
Jonas Rice
Jacob Aulabaugh
Emanuel Neidick
Levi Ladom
Peter Aulabaugh
John (?) Brown
(?) Myers
Jacob Hayberger
Andrew Myers
Jacob Myers of Abrm
Henry A Picken
Cornelius Chronister
Phillip Myers of Phillip
James Dicks
Abraham S(?)ar
Wm Jacobs
Daniel Hurst
Peter Firestone
Andrew Hyks
Elias Doll
John Noel
George Hayberger
Frederick Noel
Franklin L Myers
Jesse Lease
Daniel Firestone
Jacob Noel
John Tudor
John Sowers
Wm Chronister
Andrew Brough of Andr
Andrew Brough of John
Joseph Snyder
Daniel Hoover (crossed out)
Benjamin Albert
Benjamin Myers
---- (?)itchman
David Furman
Daniel Smith
Amos Bowers
Cornelius Smith
Henry B Smith
--?-- Harbold
--?-- Hess
--?-- King
--?-- Bobitz
--?-- Noel
--? Kitchen
Cornelius Spark
--?-- Howdeshell
Samuel Wisler
David Deardorff
John Haverstock
James Stob (Staub?)
?ary Brinkerhoof
Singleton Achold
Henry Reed
Amos Myers
Solomon Spangler
John Bushey
Israel Trimer
Smith Chronister
Wm Deardorff
Adam Myers of Phil

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