Adams County, Pennsylvania 1917 Draft List

Extracted from the Gettysburg Compiler, Gettysburg, PA - Saturday, July 14, 1917, by Kathy Francis  31 August 2003; © 2003 by Kathy Francis.

Selective Draft Subjects
The full Adams County list under the law.
Those chosen to be sent to Colors will be by numbers -
keep list and locate the numbers.

(Note: The list was published in draft number order and separated by township. To make searching easier, it has been sorted by last name, first name and middle name.)

Gettysburg - Second WardGettysburg - Third WardHamiltonban 1
Last, First, Middle
Local Board
361 Abell William Joseph Cumberland
1810 Ackerman Francis Xavier McSherrystown 1
1068 Adams Arthur Raymond Highland
23 Adams John A Arendtsville
1427 Adams John Carter Littlestown
1865 Adams Michael Ignatius McSherrystown 2
1585 Addlesperger Roy Albert Menallen
2298 Ahlers David E Tyrone 1
2133 Albert Harry Jacob Reading
2329 Albert Harry Nelson Tyrone 2
2132 Albert John Henry Reading
2134 Albright Guy Wilbert Reading
734 Albright Harry C Gettysburg - First Ward
1236 Allamong Luther Edward Hamiltonban 1
1428 Alleman Howard Ward Littlestown
955 Althoff William John Gettysburg - Third Ward
1095 Altland William Hamilton
1096 Alwine Henry Samuel Hamilton
737 Amprazis Tom H Gettysburg - First Ward
956 Anders Jesse B Gettysburg - Third Ward
2212 Anderson Wiley Thomas Straban
531 Andrew Clarence John Franklin
1067 Andrew G William Highland
1235 Andrew Guy Mertz Hamiltonban 1
530 Andrew Linn Roy Franklin
2131 Anthony Charles Reading
1 Anthony H E Abbottstown
1430 Anthony James William Littlestown
2130 Anthony Paul Reading
736 Anzengruber Edward Emory Gettysburg - First Ward
735 Anzengruber John Gettysburg - First Ward
1938 Appler Earl Maryland Mt. Joy
1763 Appler Edward Urbanous Mt. Pleasant 3
740 Appler Evan Mackley Gettysburg - First Ward
738 Appler Guy Milton Gettysburg - First Ward
24 Arendt Clark D Arendtsville
804 Arendt David B Gettysburg - First Ward
241 Arentz Howard McClure Conewago
1764 Arentz John Wm Mt. Pleasant 3
739 Armor William Howard Gettysburg - First Ward
151 Arnold Clarence Franklin Butler
48 Arnold Rudolph Dubbs Biglerville
85 Arter George Alvin Berwick
1535 Ashbaugh Elroy Robert Liberty
1146 Asper Curtis Adain Huntington 1
1147 Asper Harry William Huntington 1
1367 Asper John Robert Latimore
1204 Asper Paul Fred Huntington 2
1429 Atno Clarence B Littlestown
152 Aughinbaugh Clemen Kepner Butler
1539 Bailey Milford Lee Liberty
1442 Bair Arthur Eugene Littlestown
242 Bair Clayton Paul Conewago
1437 Bair Daniel Monroe Littlestown
2358 Bair Elmer Isaiah Union
1940 Bair Jacob David Mt. Joy
2359 Bair John Albert Union
1240 Baker Amos Christian Hamiltonban 1
1941 Baker Calvin Arthur Mt. Joy
3615 Baker Charles Henry Liberty
473 Baker Charles Russell Freedom
2002 Baker Chas W New Oxford
1253 Baker Ellis Blain Hamiltonban 1
533 Baker F Lloyd Franklin
1249 Baker Harry Edward Hamiltonban 1
2299 Baker Harry H Tyrone 1
2330 Baker Henry Gerine Tyrone 2
536 Baker Henry William Franklin
1355 Baker Howard E Hamiltonban 2
1241 Baker Howard Harrison Hamiltonban 1
362 Baker Ivan George Cumberland
2351 Baker Jacob Elmer Union
2138 Baker John Stouffer Reading
87 Baker Lloyd William Berwick
970 Baker Maurice Edgar Gettysburg - Third Ward
746 Baker Merle Howard Gettysburg - First Ward
1538 Baker Murray Stanley Liberty
535 Baker P Franklin Franklin
1097 Baker Ray Hamilton
1588 Baker Raymond Menallen
1255 Baker Robert Hays Hamiltonban 1
966 Baker Roy George Gettysburg - Third Ward
1586 Baldwin Benjamin Harrison Menallen
541 Baltzley Hartzell Robert Franklin
1207 Baltzley John Edgar Huntington 2
1251 Baltzley Samuel Luther Hamiltonban 1
1431 Bankard John Zebulim Littlestown
1436 Bankard Stanley Ellsworth Littlestown
743 Barbehenn H Edward Gettysburg - First Ward
750 Barbehenn John Berthold Gettysburg - First Ward
1587 Barbour William John Menallen
744 Bardaxe Gus Gettysburg - First Ward
751 Bardaxe John I Gettysburg - First Ward
1242 Barnes Allen Hamiltonban 1
1354 Barnes Harry Hamiltonban 2
1356 Barnes Oscar W Hamiltonban 2
1870 Barnes Paul Lavere McSherrystown 2
961 Barnhart Thomas Francis Gettysburg - Third Ward
2353 Barwager Edgar Wesley Union
162 Batterman John Martin Butler
161 Batterman Samuel Harvey Butler
243 Baublitz Milton Ellsworth Conewago
1098 Baugher Charles Warren Hamilton
1433 Baughman Irvin Louis Littlestown
2214 Beamer Harman H Straban
129 Beamer Milton Francis Bendersville
1589 Beamer Ralph Hartman Menallen
363 Beard Franklin Daniel Cumberland
2139 Beard Howard Cornelius Reading
666 Bechtel Maurice H E Germany
882 Beck Francis Sylvester Gettysburg - Second Ward
25 Becker George Arendtsville
1869 Beckman Gregory James McSherrystown 2
1866 Beckman Joseph Francis McSherrystown 2
2217 Bell James Clinton Straban
474 Bell Lewis Grant Freedom
1238 Benchoff Albert Thoman Hamiltonban 1
1245 Benchoff Charles Ray Hamiltonban 1
741 Bender Maurice Gettysburg - First Ward
1248 Benner Banks Elmer Hamiltonban 1
1942 Benner Henry Mervin Mt. Joy
244 Berkheimer John Conewago
2007 Bevenour Linus Joseph New Oxford
1434 Biehl Nevin Joshua Littlestown
538 Biesecker Adam Lloyd Franklin
532 Biesecker Addison Miles Franklin
1252 Biesecker Howard Cover Hamiltonban 1
1590 Biesecker Jeremiah Meals Menallen
965 Biggs Calvin C Gettysburg - Third Ward
1250 Bigham Clarence Daniel Hamiltonban 1
1243 Bigham Elmer Martin Hamiltonban 1
1254 Bigham George W Hamiltonban 1
1256 Bigham Grant Edward Hamiltonban 1
508 Bigham Thomas Lawrence Fairfield
883 Billheimer Albert Gettysburg - Second Ward
2008 Billman Cletus Joseph New Oxford
1726 Binder Mervin Edward Mt. Pleasant 2
534 Bingaman J David Franklin
2137 Bishop Christian Fry Reading
128 Bishop Frank John Bendersville
537 Bishop McClain Leslie Franklin
539 Bittinger Alberta Dale Franklin
668 Bittle Raymond Andrew Germany
670 Bittle Samuel Amos Germany
1765 Bixler Blaine Edgar Mt. Pleasant 3
1871 Bixler Gerald Clarence McSherrystown 2
364 Black Charles Sentman Cumberland
1593 Black George Edward Menallen
1596 Black Jeremiah Thomas Menallen
1591 Black Lacy Oliver Speer Menallen
1594 Black Wallace Dunn Menallen
1592 Black Waybright Menallen
960 Blocher David Ralph Gettysburg - Third Ward
1595 Blocher John Cecil Menallen
964 Blocher John Milton Gettysburg - Third Ward
1441 Blocher Paul B Littlestown
967 Blocher Robert Garland Gettysburg - Third Ward
1432 Blocher Thaddeus Stevens Littlestown
1816 Bohl Ralph Patrick McSherrystown 1
153 Bolen George Edward Butler
165 Bolen James Andrew Butler
1815 Bolin Edgar Lawrence McSherrystown 1
245 Bolin Gregory Francis Conewago
1443 Bollinger Charles Russel Littlestown
1435 Bollinger George Albert Littlestown
367 Bollinger Henry Harrison Cumberland
2356 Bollinger James Calvin Union
2006 Bollinger John Albright New Oxford
366 Bollinger Maurice Washington Cumberland
365 Bollinger Robert James Cumberland
246 Bollinger Robert William Conewago
1099 Bollinger Roy Joe Hamilton
963 Bollinger Roy W Gettysburg - Third Ward
247 Bollinger Roy Conewago
2005 Bond Ohrum Clare New Oxford
1440 Boose Milton Oscar Littlestown
1100 Bosserman David Irvin Hamilton
2141 Bosserman Maurice David Reading
2140 Bosserman Vincent Monroe Reading
1540 Bouey Edward James Liberty
155 Bowers Charles Edward Butler
959 Bowers Chas Henry Gettysburg - Third Ward
86 Bowers Edward Berwick
667 Bowers George William Germany
745 Bowers Herbert Gilsepie Gettysburg - First Ward
671 Bowers James Utah Germany
156 Bowers Jordan George Butler
665 Bowers Joseph Isaiah Germany
2218 Bowers Lester Erlington Straban
1148 Bowers Parvin Ray Huntington 1
669 Bowers Paul Herbert Germany
1151 Bowers Reynolds Ellsworth Huntington 1
1537 Bowling David James Liberty
1069 Bowling Joseph Howard Highland
1439 Bowman Charles Amos Littlestown
248 Bowman Charles William Conewago
2 Bowser Chas E Abbottstown
1939 Boyd Armor Mervin Mt. Joy
249 Boyer Charles Edward Conewago
1703 Boyer Melvin Lewis Mt. Pleasant 1
250 Brady Earl Thomas Conewago
1813 Brady Hugh Francis McSherrystown 1
1814 Brady Leo Stansilaus McSherrystown 1
2220 Brame Chas Arthur Straban
962 Brannon Charles Nicholas Gettysburg - Third Ward
540 Brant Charles Franklin
2001 Brashears Charles Allen New Oxford
2004 Brashears John Alexander New Oxford
1150 Bream Cletus Warfield Huntington 1
884 Bream Clyde Lower Gettysburg - Second Ward
1239 Bream Ellis Jacob Hamiltonban 1
1206 Bream Ernest Raymond Huntington 2
971 Bream Floyd William Gettysburg - Third Ward
2215 Bream Franklin Charles Straban
972 Bream Grover Keller Gettysburg - Third Ward
2331 Bream Guy E Tyrone 2
2219 Bream Harry S Straban
2065 Bream John M Oxford
1205 Bream Luther Ellsworth Huntington 2
2213 Bream Oscar Howard Straban
1152 Bream Robert Roy Huntington 1
1244 Bream Roy Wilbur Hamiltonban 1
542 Bream William John Franklin
154 Bream Wilmer Elias Butler
1149 Brehm Robert Victor Huntington 1
2066 Breighner Carl J Oxford
163 Breighner Charles Earle Butler
958 Breighner Clarence Joseph Gettysburg - Third Ward
968 Breighner Martin Bernard Gettysburg - Third Ward
160 Breighner Raymond C Butler
158 Breighner Roy Irwin Butler
1247 Brenizer Alexander Wash Hamiltonban 1
2300 Brenizer Walter Tyrone 1
2354 Brenneman Chas Victor Union
475 Bricka James Walter Freedom
157 Bricker Roy Edward Butler
1237 Briner William Charles Hamiltonban 1
742 Bringman J William Gettysburg - First Ward
969 Brinkerhoff William Francis Gettysburg - Third Ward
1369 Brough Edward Ellsworth Latimore
1371 Brough John Edward Latimore
957 Brown Allen Albert Gettysburg - Third Ward
2003 Brown Charles Clark New Oxford
368 Brown Charles Emory Cumberland
2136 Brown Curtis Llewellyn Reading
2221 Brown John Kenton Straban
251 Brown Maurice Hanson Conewago
2067 Brown Newton W Oxford
2135 Brown Paul Reading
1246 Brown Richard Edwin Gerald Hamiltonban 1
2064 Brown Robert Franklin Oxford
2216 Bruchhaus Albert Alfred Straban
2357 Brumgard Claude Amos Union
2350 Brumgard Geo Washington Union
1444 Brumgard Irvin S Littlestown
2355 Brumgard John Clayton Union
369 Bryan Herbert Gilland Cumberland
1368 Bubb Elmer Andrew Latimore
1766 Bucher Charles Clarence Mt. Pleasant 3
1767 Bucher Claude Ignatius Mt. Pleasant 3
130 Bucher Curtis Isaac Bendersville
672 Bucher Paul Lendamar Germany
252 Bunty Charles Ignatius Conewago
253 Bunty Emanuel Augustine Conewago
254 Bunty Paul Gilbert Conewago
255 Bunty William Jerome Conewago
2352 Bupp Charles Edward Union
747 Bupp Walter Mathias Gettysburg - First Ward
1812 Busbey Frank Leo McSherrystown 1
1811 Busbey Joseph Aloysius McSherrystown 1
1868 Busbey Preston Leo McSherrystown 2
1867 Busbey William Guy McSherrystown 2
159 Bushey Paul Silven Butler
164 Bushey Wilmer Levi Butler
370 Bushman Leo Emanuel Cumberland
1353 Butler Arthur Hamiltonban
1704 Butler William Harrison Mt. Pleasant 1
749 Butt Charles Stahle Gettysburg - First Ward
452 Butt George Lewis East Berlin
748 Butt John P, Jr. Gettysburg - First Ward
885 Butt Kurnel Luther Gettysburg - Second Ward
2069 Byers Frank B Oxford
2068 Byers Lawrence H Oxford
1370 Byers Melvin St. David Latimore
1373 Caler Joseph Daniel Clayton Latimore
757 Camberis Nick J Gettysburg - First Ward
2222 Carbaugh Carroll Christian Straban
1073 Carbaugh Emanuel Harry Highland
548 Carbaugh Franklin Earnest Franklin
1357 Carbaugh Geo M Hamiltonban 2
50 Carbaugh Raymond Lewis Biglerville
556 Carey Anderson Calvin Franklin
167 Carey Charles Cecil Butler
756 Carey Clarence G Gettysburg - First Ward
553 Carey Daniel Otho Franklin
168 Carey Dean Wilmer Butler
552 Carey Leroy Earnest Franklin
2304 Carpenter Roy V Tyrone 1
1257 Carson Benjamin Franklin Hamiltonban 1
1258 Carson Charles Calvin Hamiltonban 1
980 Carter Clinton Gelbaith Gettysburg - Third Ward
974 Carter George Singleton Gettysburg - Third Ward
886 Carver Joseph L Gettysburg - Second Ward
371 Cashman Jacob Howard Cumberland
1153 Cashman Thomas Neely Huntington 1
2224 Cashman Warren Earl H Straban
2302 Cassatt Emory E Tyrone 1
2223 Cassatt Jeff Straban
2010 Cassatt Mervin Oliver New Oxford
1072 Cassatt Milton Samuel Highland
559 Chamberlain Edward William Franklin
673 Champion Floyd Thomas Germany
549 Chapman Robert Roy Franklin
1768 Chrismer Albert Edwin Mt. Pleasant 3
888 Chritzman William Albert Gettysburg - Second Ward
1372 Chronister Charles Albert Latimore
88 Chronister Chas William Berwick
2009 Chronister Curtis Edw New Oxford
2303 Chronister George W Tyrone 1
1155 Chronister Grover Cleveland Huntington 1
1154 Chronister Joseph Luther Huntington 1
3 Chronister Paul J Abbottstown
5 Chronister Robert J Abbottstown
1374 Chronister William Paul Latimore
1769 Clabaugh John Michael Mt. Pleasant 3
550 Clapsaddle David Samuel Franklin
544 Clapsaddle David Franklin
1259 Clapsaddle Francis Jos Hamiltonban 1
551 Clapsaddle Fred John Franklin
2146 Clark Jacob Gerald Reading
2144 Cleaver Clarence William Reading
2145 Cleaver Harry Cletus Reading
2147 Cleaver Luther William Reading
1208 Clepper James O, Jr. Huntington 2
1597 Cline Bruce Ellsworth Menallen
1598 Cline Cletus Earl Menallen
2333 Cline Edward William Tyrone 2
49 Cline Gilbert Clifford Emmert Biglerville
2334 Cline Jobe Martin Tyrone 2
1543 Cline Josiah James Liberty
2332 Cline Oliver Daniel Tyrone 2
2335 Cline Ralph Allen Tyrone 2
1874 Clingan James Henry McSherrystown 2
2361 Clouser Verley Jacob Union
557 Cluck Andrew Calvin Franklin
511 Cluck Charles Jacob Fairfield
509 Cluck Franklin Beaver Fairfield
1599 Cluck Lloyd Milton Menallen
510 Cluck Norman Tobias Fairfield
256 Clunk George Anthony Conewago
2070 Clunk J Roy Oxford
752 Codori Jos E Gettysburg - First Ward
973 Codori William Francis Gettysburg - Third Ward
543 Cole F Raymond Franklin
1445 Colestock Chas Bernard Littlestown
1705 Colestock Earl Mt. Pleasant 1
1873 Colgan Brian McSherrystown 2
1449 Collins Charles Sylvester Littlestown
1450 Collins Charles Littlestown
1446 Collins Claude Sylvester Littlestown
1943 Collins James Amos Mt. Joy
1451 Collins Mervin R Littlestown
1944 Collins Warfield Joseph Mt. Joy
1600 Comp Harry William Menallen
1260 Condon John Joseph Hamiltonban 1
547 Cook Howard John Franklin
753 Cook Robert J Gettysburg - First Ward
1548 Cool Ambrose Samuel Liberty
1546 Cool Augustus Joseph Liberty
1544 Cool Francis John Liberty
1547 Cool Henry Charles Liberty
1541 Cool William John Liberty
2226 Cooley Henry David Straban
887 Coover Donald Bruce Gettysburg - Second Ward
2142 Coulson Emory Jacob Reading
1377 Coulson George Roy Latimore
674 Crabbs Worthington Abdil Germany
1872 Cramer Charles Alfred McSherrystown 2
2360 Cramer Raymond Masenhawer Union
4 Cramer Walter J Abbottstown
372 Crampton Adrian E Cumberland
1448 Cratin John Joseph Littlestown
1263 Creager Charles Henry Hamiltonban 1
1261 Creager James Luther Hamiltonban 1
754 Creager Paul Snyder Gettysburg - First Ward
1262 Creager Walter Robert Hamiltonban 1
889 Crist Chester Garfield Gettysburg - Second Ward
978 Criswell Otto Sterlington Gettysburg - Third Ward
2225 Criswell Verne Jacob Straban
257 Cromer George Asher Conewago
2143 Crook Lloyd Clemroy Reading
1545 Crouse Edgar James Liberty
1542 Crouse John Walter Liberty
1447 Crouse Victor Clinton Littlestown
1945 Crouse Wilmer Clarence Mt. Joy
2071 Crowl Clinton H Oxford
258 Crowl Emory Joseph Conewago
259 Crowl Roscoe Franklin Conewago
26 Crum Carmon F Arendtsville
1375 Crum Chester Ira Latimore
1601 Crum George Washington Menallen
1602 Crum Harry Clinton Menallen
27 Crum James E Arendtsville
166 Crum Martin Luther Thomas Butler
28 Crum William H Arendtsville
131 Crum William Henry Bendersville
373 Crushong Thomas Raymond Cumberland
1438 Crushong William Lewis Littlestown
979 Cullison Alvin Ellsworth Gettysburg - Third Ward
554 Cullison Cleveland Clarence Franklin
546 Cullison E Calvin Franklin
555 Cullison Eugene Curtis Franklin
558 Cullison Francis Frederick Franklin
977 Cullison Howard Chester Gettysburg - Third Ward
975 Cullison Oliver Walter Gettysburg - Third Ward
560 Cullison Oscar Charles Franklin
755 Culp Charles Curtis Gettysburg - First Ward
976 Culp Charles William, Jr Gettysburg - Third Ward
1605 Culp Cletus Ray Menallen
1603 Culp Francis Reuben Menallen
890 Culp Harry William Gettysburg - Second Ward
1604 Culp Luther Merl Menallen
545 Currens F Joseph Franklin
1071 Currens M John Highland
1070 Currens Wilbur Luther Highland
374 Cyms Paul Cumberland
1378 Dahr Mervin Latimore
982 Daniel Walter Gettysburg - Third Ward
90 Danner George Howard Berwick
451 Danner Jacob Monroe East Berlin
1875 Davenport Frederick Jacob McSherrystown 2
1264 Davis Grant Jefferson Hamiltonban 1
1376 Davis Roy Walter Latimore
89 Day Edward Wiley Berwick
1606 Day John Milton Menallen
1158 Day Murry Francis Huntington 1
1209 Day Parker McClellan Huntington 2
1607 Daye Raymond George Menallen
681 Dayhoff Joshua Augustus Germany
1265 Daywalt Harvey Elmer Hamiltonban 1
1358 Daywalt Oliver H Hamiltonban 2
1266 Daywalt William Franklin Hamiltonban 1
1075 Deardorff Alfred Dorsey Highland
564 Deardorff David Clarence Franklin
758 Deardorff Edgar Leland Gettysburg - First Ward
983 Deardorff Erle Russell Gettysburg - Third Ward
450 Deardorff George East Berlin
52 Deardorff Grayson Oscar Biglerville
1267 Deardorff Hanson Charles Hamiltonban 1
51 Deardorff John William Biglerville
566 Deardorff Leroy Luther Franklin
565 Deardorff Robert Howard Franklin
2151 Deatrick David Guy Reading
2072 Deatrick Frank G Oxford
2336 Deatrick Jacob Solomon Tyrone 2
2228 Deatrick John William Straban
2011 Deatrick Matthew S Q New Oxford
2230 Deatrick Robert Pattison Straban
2073 Decker Frank R Oxford
2227 Decker Howard Hereter Straban
1157 Decker James McClean Huntington 1
2231 Decker Luther Haydn Straban
1156 Decker Mervin Harry Huntington 1
2152 Decker Nevin Alvertus Reading
2305 Decker Raymond H Tyrone 1
2148 Decker Robert Garthy Reading
2149 Decker William Charles Reading
2229 Decker Wm Penn Lloyd Straban
682 Dehoff Charles Emanuel Germany
680 Dehoff Earl Germany
677 Dehoff George Clarence Germany
678 Dehoff George Germany
679 Dehoff Harry L Germany
1770 Dehoff Samuel Joseph Mt. Pleasant 3
760 Deland Gustave Arvid Gettysburg - First Ward
132 Delap Beecher Ward Bendersville
376 Derr Bruce William Cumberland
375 Derr Claude Clifton Cumberland
377 Derr Russell Howard Cumberland
260 Devine Ralph James Conewago
2150 Dicks Chas Neely Reading
891 Dickson John McCrea Gettysburg - Second Ward
378 Diehl Clarence William Cumberland
561 Diehl Clinton Howard Franklin
759 Diehl Erie Kerper Gettysburg - First Ward
761 Diehl John Howard Gettysburg - First Ward
53 Diehl John Roy Biglerville
2013 Diehl Samuel Jeremiah New Oxford
2012 Diller Charles Slagle New Oxford
981 Dillman Chas Francis Gettysburg - Third Ward
676 Dillman Elmer Jacob Germany
563 Dillon Francis John Franklin
562 Dillon J Armon Franklin
2362 Ditzler Jacob Hostetter Union
1609 Dixon Frederick Earl Menallen
1608 Dixon Herman Menallen
675 Dodrer Carroll Wilmer Germany
1268 Doll Walter Hamiltonban 1
1269 Donaldson Frank Stevens Hamiltonban 1
1270 Donaldson James Scott Hamiltonban 1
1271 Donaldson Sidnay Crawford Hamiltonban 1
1379 Donnely James Samuel Latimore
892 Doran Alfred Augustus Gettysburg - Second Ward
762 Dougherty Edward J Gettysburg - First Ward
1817 Dougherty Henry Francis McSherrystown 1
894 Dubbs Allen Armor Gettysburg - Second Ward
1074 Dubbs Paul Robert Highland
893 Dubbs William Henry Gettysburg - Second Ward
1549 Dubel Nelson Ernst Liberty
54 Dugan Samuel Henry Biglerville
91 Duncan Albert William Berwick
1452 Duttera Elmer Coy Littlestown
261 Eck Joseph Henry Conewago
683 Eckenrode Allen Thomas Germany
1727 Eckenrode Basil Francis Mt. Pleasant 2
1878 Eckenrode Frank Joseph McSherrystown 2
985 Eckenrode Robert Thomas Gettysburg - Third Ward
984 Eckenrode William Bernard Gettysburg - Third Ward
1454 Ecker Charles Merow Littlestown
169 Ecker Howard Hanson Butler
1453 Ecker Irvin Leroy Littlestown
2235 Eckert Dorsey William Straban
1610 Eckert Harry Allen Menallen
2234 Eckert Howard Earl Straban
2153 Eckert Jacob Armstrong Reading
2233 Eckert John David Straban
170 Eckert Lawrence Henry Butler
2232 Eckert William Melhorn Straban
2154 Ehrhart John Hoover Reading
1160 Eichelberger Percy Samuel Huntington 1
763 Eicholtz Earl Trostle Gettysburg - First Ward
1613 Eicholtz Frederick Guyard Menallen
1612 Eicholtz Maurice William Menallen
1611 Eicholtz Robert Earl Menallen
380 Eiker Edward Walter Cumberland
379 Eiker Roy Clarence Cumberland
764 Eiler Roy Clifford Gettysburg - First Ward
1159 Eisenhart Curtis Allen Huntington 1
92 Elder Chas William Berwick
6 Elder Francis F Abbottstown
1818 Eline Benjamin Harrison McSherrystown 1
1881 Eline David Alphonsus McSherrystown 2
1879 Eline George Edward McSherrystown 2
1877 Eline Guy Francis McSherrystown 2
1880 Eline John Arthur McSherrystown 2
1876 Eline Joseph Francis McSherrystown 2
1819 Eline Paul James McSherrystown 1
1820 Eline Robert John McSherrystown 1
568 Elliot Rupert Charles Franklin
2338 Emlet George Edward Tyrone 2
1101 Emlet Harry Ellsworth Hamilton
2337 Emlet Lawrence Emanuel Tyrone 2
2014 Emlet Wirt Eugene New Oxford
1272 Emory Maurice Amos Hamiltonban 1
767 Engel Abraham Louis Gettysburg - First Ward
2363 Engle Millard Irving Union
1882 Enright Patrick Joseph McSherrystown 2
765 Epley Clarence William Gettysburg - First Ward
1772 Epley George John Mt. Pleasant 3
1771 Epley Ray Hayward Mt. Pleasant 3
1614 Eppleman George Chrysostum Menallen
171 Eppleman Philip Chrysostum Butler
55 Ernst Ira Sankey Biglerville
766 Ernst Myrle Paul Gettysburg - First Ward
1380 Ernst Raymond Edward Latimore
567 Eshleman C Samuel Franklin
2015 Essick Leo Francis New Oxford
895 Everhart William Curtis Gettysburg - Second Ward
1550 Eyler Clifford Arch Liberty
1273 Eyler Frank Norman Hamiltonban 1
476 Eyler John W Freedom
477 Eyler Roy Allen Freedom
897 Faber Edgar McCreary Gettysburg - Second Ward
896 Faber Fred Samuel Gettysburg - Second Ward
1210 Fahnestock Ellis Quay Huntington 2
478 Fair Charles Leslie Freedom
771 Fair Chas Russel Gettysburg - First Ward
134 Fair Cornelius Roy Bendersville
133 Fair Gilbert Roy Bendersville
1381 Fair Harrison Stanley Latimore
2410 Fanus McClellan Milton York Springs
1161 Fanus Wm Lloyd Huntington 1
2367 Feeser Denton Wilmer Union
1456 Feeser Earl Curtis Littlestown
1102 Feeser Frank Calvin Hamilton
262 Feeser John Charles Conewago
2366 Feeser John Franklin Union
684 Feeser Mervin William Germany
2364 Feeser Monroe Myers Union
2016 Feiser James Franklin New Oxford
768 Felix Maurice J Gettysburg - First Ward
772 Felix Robert Allen Gettysburg - First Ward
2365 Feltch Arthur Michael Union
2076 Felty George T Oxford
569 Fetters Lincoln Clark Franklin
1382 Fickle Charles Harrison Latimore
2237 Fiddler Lawrence Peter Straban
56 Fidler Amos Biglerville
2236 Fidler Harry Benton Straban
175 Fidler John Hartzell Butler
2306 Fidler John R Tyrone 1
2301 Fidler Walter B Tyrone 1
2155 Finebaugh Amos Reading
2075 Fink James R Oxford
2074 Fink Wilbur V Oxford
1615 Finnefrock James Emory Menallen
263 Fisher Ivan John Conewago
1947 Fissel Allen Guy Mt. Joy
174 Fissel Elmer Blair Butler
2339 Fissel Elmer Calvin Tyrone 2
1948 Fissel Preston Hugh Mt. Joy
773 Fissel Samuel Clayton Gettysburg - First Ward
381 Fleck John Leroy Cumberland
770 Fleming Harry Geo Gettysburg - First Ward
176 Flemming Jonas Yeatts Butler
1553 Flenner Francis Albert Liberty
987 Fleshman David Augustus Gettysburg - Third Ward
988 Fleshman John Thomas Gettysburg - Third Ward
990 Fletcher John W Gettysburg - Third Ward
1455 Flickinger Daniel Henry Littlestown
776 Flickinger Howard Harrison Gettysburg - First Ward
685 Flickinger Levi Nelson Germany
1552 Flohr Allen Emory Liberty
1551 Flohr Faber Curtis Liberty
177 Flook Wilbur Snively Butler
992 Florence Andrew Gettysburg - Third Ward
986 Florence George D Gettysburg - Third Ward
58 Floto Frank Luther Biglerville
1883 Fogle Henry Abraham McSherrystown 2
57 Fohl Chester Milton Biglerville
173 Fohl Guy Jacob Butler
59 Fohl Willis Earl Biglerville
1821 Folmer Leroy John McSherrystown 1
570 Forsythe Francis Bernard Franklin
264 Forsythe Glenn Franklin Conewago
571 Forsythe J Wilford Franklin
898 Fox Ralph Gettysburg - Second Ward
1949 Fox Samuel Ray Mt. Joy
1946 Fox Wise Luther Mt. Joy
991 Francis Richard Edward Ash Gettysburg - Third Ward
989 Frazer John Harrison Gettysburg - Third Ward
769 Frazer Lester Morton Gettysburg - First Ward
775 Frend Leopold Gettysburg - First Ward
2387 Frey Martin Raymond Union
1274 Frey Roy Hager Hamiltonban 1
93 Frock Adolphus Edwin Henry Berwick
94 Frock Ernest Berwick
265 Frock Walter E Conewago
774 Funkhouser Roy P Gettysburg - First Ward
172 Funt Allen Cameron Butler
1616 Funt Harry Alfred Menallen
29 Funt M Edward Arendtsville
2018 Gable Raymond New Oxford
1359 Galaway Henry W Hamiltonban 2
1213 Gallaway Farrel C Huntington 2
1275 Gantz Alvey Solomon Hamiltonban 1
382 Gantz Mervin Elmon Cumberland
2160 Garber Roy Cletus Reading
1385 Gardner John Russell Latimore
1214 Gardner Percy Hays Huntington 2
1617 Garretson Arthur Blair Menallen
180 Garretson Lloyd William Butler
572 Garretson William Lloyd Franklin
266 Garrett Fern Melvin Conewago
900 Garvin Henry Watterson Gettysburg - Second Ward
899 Garvin Howard Madison Gettysburg - Second Ward
780 Gastley Frank Levi Gettysburg - First Ward
1950 Gebhart Benedict Thomas Mt. Joy
1774 Gebhart Edward Leo Mt. Pleasant 3
1886 Gebhart Francis Jacob McSherrystown 2
1706 Gebhart Virgil Francis Mt. Pleasant 1
1773 Gebhart Wm George Mt. Pleasant 3
95 Geesey George Henry Berwick
97 Geesey Robert Cleason Berwick
2368 Geiselman George Daniel Union
1952 Geiselman Samuel Roy Mt. Joy
1775 Geisler Charles John Mt. Pleasant 3
2021 Geisler Clare Franklin New Oxford
383 Gentzler Bayard Eugene Cumberland
2159 Gentzler Jesse Reading
1104 Gentzler John Edward Hamilton
1618 George John William Menallen
781 George Thomas Gettysburg - First Ward
782 Geros Arthur Gettysburg - First Ward
783 Geros George Gettysburg - First Ward
1458 Gettier Charles Ephraim Littlestown
2158 Gettys John Reading
2156 Gibbs William David Reading
2020 Gilbert James William New Oxford
178 Gilbert Levi Francis Butler
1556 Gingell George Thomas Liberty
1557 Gingell Lester Herbst Liberty
1776 Ginter Paul Edward Mt. Pleasant 3
901 Giovanni Morrow Gettysburg - Second Ward
1951 Gipp Curtis Roy Mt. Joy
454 Gise Harry Mahlon East Berlin
453 Gise William Henry East Berlin
993 Gitt Chester Nathaniel Gettysburg - Third Ward
1555 Glacken Thomas Charles Liberty
1167 Gladfelter Luther Emanuel Huntington 1
1276 Gladhill Oscar Washington Hamiltonban 1
1277 Gladhill Roy David Hamiltonban 1
2078 Glass John J Oxford
777 Gleim Harter E Gettysburg - First Ward
2369 Gobrecht Monroe S E Union
1619 Gochenaur Harry Jacob Menallen
1620 Gochenaur Joseph Filmore Menallen
2238 Goldsborough Nicholas Jesse Straban
779 Goodermuth Clayton Arthur Gettysburg - First Ward
778 Goodermuth John C Gettysburg - First Ward
267 Gouker Charles Metzler Conewago
268 Gouker Grover Cleveland Conewago
269 Gouker John Peter Conewago
1457 Gouker Joseph H Littlestown
1822 Gouker Oscar William McSherrystown 1
1558 Goulden David Charles Liberty
1554 Goulden Eldred Francis Liberty
1106 Gouver George Gibson Hamilton
1460 Grau John Edward Littlestown
1278 Green Charles Daniel Hamiltonban 1
2157 Griest Foster Abner Reading
2342 Griest George Calvin Tyrone 2
2411 Griest Jacob Henry York Springs
1383 Griest Peter Joel Latimore
1105 Griest Roy Tetrarch Hamilton
2079 Griffin Hillen S Oxford
1707 Griffin Oscar Granville Mt. Pleasant 1
1621 Griffith Elmer Abraham Menallen
96 Grim Joseph Eugene Berwick
1459 Groff Edward Louis Littlestown
1728 Groff Joseph Francis Mt. Pleasant 2
1729 Groft Albert Aloysius Mt. Pleasant 2
2017 Groft Charles Ignatius New Oxford
270 Groft Clarence Patrick Conewago
902 Groft George Nicholas Gettysburg - Second Ward
2080 Groft Guy J Oxford
2077 Groft Harry L Oxford
1884 Groft Hays Thomas McSherrystown 2
271 Groft Henry George Conewago
1885 Groft William Edgar McSherrystown 2
2307 Gross Amos G Tyrone 1
2308 Gross Charles E Tyrone 1
1107 Gross Harry W Hamilton
2310 Gross Jacob Tyrone 1
2309 Gross John P Tyrone 1
2242 Group Alvin Edgar Straban
2340 Group Raymond Snyder Tyrone 2
2241 Group Walter Raymond Straban
2019 Grove Charles Jacob New Oxford
1384 Grove Daniel Howard Latimore
1212 Guise Allen W Huntington 2
1163 Guise Amos Luther Huntington 1
1162 Guise Chas Edgar Huntington 1
1166 Guise Clyde Dewitt Huntington 1
2240 Guise Earl William Straban
181 Guise Edw Milton Butler
1211 Guise Emory Scott Huntington 2
2239 Guise Ervin Malon Straban
7 Guise Geo S Abbottstown
2341 Guise Harrison Luther Tyrone 2
1165 Guise Nelson Roy Huntington 1
2343 Guise Oscar Calvin Tyrone 2
1164 Guise Willis Jeremiah Huntington 1
179 Guise Wilmer Sanford Butler
1103 Gulden Artie Urias Hamilton
1622 Gulden Charles Harrison Menallen
272 Gulden Lawrence Charles Conewago
1109 Haar George Theophilus Hamilton
8 Haar Jacob R Abbottstown
2022 Haar Percy R New Oxford
98 Haar Wm Franklin Berwick
9 Hafer L Jordy Abbottstown
12 Hafer W Warren Abbottstown
1889 Hagarman Francis Eugene McSherrystown 2
1077 Hager Ralph Daniel Highland
273 Hagerman George Ellsworth Conewago
573 Hahn Samuel Robert Franklin
384 Haines Charles Jos. Clayton Cumberland
274 Hale Curvin Elias Conewago
99 Hale George Washington Berwick
576 Hall F John Franklin
385 Hamilton Edgar Paul Cumberland
785 Hamm Charles Murry Gettysburg - First Ward
784 Hamm Pius Gettysburg - First Ward
1887 Hankel Charles George McSherrystown 2
2167 Hankey Howard Flagle Reading
1387 Hankey Kenneth Luther Latimore
997 Hankey Merl Edward Gettysburg - Third Ward
1462 Hann Ray Henry Littlestown
2161 Hanser Frederick Christian Reading
996 Hansford Clarence Gettysburg - Third Ward
1559 Harbaugh Edward Ross Liberty
789 Harbaugh Harrison Franklin Gettysburg - First Ward
1391 Harbolt Benjamin Franklin Latimore
1390 Harbolt Clayton Irvin Latimore
1389 Harbolt Seright Nicholas Latimore
788 Hardman Elmer Mikels Gettysburg - First Ward
994 Hardman George Emory Gettysburg - Third Ward
995 Hardman Joseph Hard Gettysburg - Third Ward
2250 Harman Roy Eugene Straban
692 Harman Samuel Elder Germany
1777 Harner Clarence James E Mt. Pleasant 3
1464 Harner Claude Raymond Littlestown
1957 Harner Denton Harry Mt. Joy
1005 Harner Earl Eugene Gettysburg - Third Ward
688 Harner Harry Oscar Germany
1000 Harner Howard Luther Gettysburg - Third Ward
479 Harner Nevin Edgar Freedom
1956 Harner Ray Luther Mt. Joy
1953 Harner Samuel George Mt. Joy
1461 Harner William Joseph Littlestown
1730 Harner William Milton Mt. Pleasant 2
1955 Harner Witherow Paul Mt. Joy
1004 Harris Abe Gettysburg - Third Ward
1388 Harris Clyde Thomas Latimore
579 Hartdagen Robert Franklin
790 Hartdagen Vincent Leroy Gettysburg - First Ward
1959 Hartlaub Franklin Newman Mt. Joy
1623 Hartman Earl Remington Menallen
793 Hartman John Calvin Gettysburg - First Ward
797 Hartman John Wilson Gettysburg - First Ward
138 Hartman Mark Edgar Bendersville
513 Hartman Valentine Ga Fairfield
514 Hartzell Earl Brown Fairfield
794 Hartzell Howard Jeremiah Gettysburg - First Ward
386 Hartzell William Theodore Cumberland
574 Hassler A Robert Franklin
2370 Hatter Andrew Peter Union
191 Haverstock Harman Cleason Butler
2312 Haverstock Irvin L Tyrone 1
189 Haverstock Jacob Merselles Butler
1176 Haverstock Mervin Harris Huntington 1
687 Hawk John Ray Germany
690 Hawk Samuel Percy Germany
904 Hayberger Geo Washington Gettysburg - Second Ward
1001 Heagy Clarence Albert Gettysburg - Third Ward
1279 Heagy George E Hamiltonban 1
905 Heiges George Davis Gettysburg - Second Ward
1215 Heikes Elmer Hanson Huntington 2
1168 Heikes George Lenhart Huntington 1
1171 Heikes Leslie David Huntington 1
1217 Heiler Andrew Howard Huntington 2
1280 Heilman Clarence Lint Hamiltonban 1
577 Heintzelman W Everett Franklin
100 Heist Francis Leo Berwick
1625 Heller Frederick McKinley Menallen
187 Heller George Butler
1624 Heller Ira William Menallen
182 Heller James Hiram Butler
186 Heller Marx Denton Butler
135 Heller Paul Frederick Charles Bendersville
137 Heller William George Bendersville
1173 Helman George Reynolds Huntington 1
2084 Hemler C Francis Oxford
387 Hemler Charles Edward Cumberland
388 Hemler George Francis Cumberland
275 Henchke Lawrence Ignatius Conewago
11 Hennig Chas J Abbottstown
2082 Hensel Charles E Oxford
2027 Hensel Emory Lester New Oxford
2028 Hensel George William New Oxford
2249 Herman Earl Leroy Straban
1386 Herman Harry Latimore
2023 Herman John Ervin New Oxford
2024 Herman Joseph Curtis New Oxford
1169 Herman Lloyd Melvin Huntington 1
1218 Herman Wilbur Oscar Huntington 2
2311 Herman Willis S Tyrone 1
480 Herr Charles Elmer Freedom
1281 Herring Dorsey Earl Hamiltonban 1
580 Herring Edgar Cletus Franklin
1076 Herring Edgar Curtis Highland
481 Herring Lawson Freedom
787 Hershey Hiram F Gettysburg - First Ward
276 Hershey Ralph Augustus Conewago
2083 Hertz Ralph G Oxford
796 Hess Atwood B Gettysburg - First Ward
60 Hess Charles Henry Biglerville
1954 Hess Gordon Raymond Mt. Joy
184 Hess Herman Monroe Butler
691 Hesson John Edgar Germany
277 Hesson Robert William Conewago
2165 Hetrick Robert Edward Reading
906 Hewitt John William Gettysburg - Second Ward
792 Highland John P Gettysburg - First Ward
2166 Hikes David Peter Reading
1888 Hilderbrand Edgar Emily McSherrystown 2
1958 Hilterbrick Irving Maurice Mt. Joy
1463 Hilterbrick Paul E Littlestown
183 Himes George Edward Butler
795 Himes Jesse Howard Gettysburg - First Ward
2025 Himes William D New Oxford
1626 Hinkle Albert Eugene Menallen
1627 Hinkle Elmer Harrison Menallen
2344 Hinkle James Harvey Tyrone 2
1628 Hinkle William Oscar Menallen
907 Hinman Willis Stuart Gettysburg - Second Ward
1823 Hipp Eugene Francis McSherrystown 1
1824 Hipp Roger Joseph McSherrystown 1
2248 Hippensteel Charles Robert Straban
2081 Hippensteel Edward L Oxford
1731 Hockensmith John Leo Mt. Pleasant 2
689 Hofe Charles Augustus Germany
1733 Hoff Augustus Isaiah Mt. Pleasant 2
185 Hoff Denton Clarence Butler
1170 Hoff Harry David Huntington 1
1175 Hoff Ralph Otis Huntington 1
1732 Hoff George William Mt. Pleasant 2
2371 Hoffheins Clair Alwine Union
998 Hoffman Ernest J Gettysburg - Third Ward
1282 Hoffman Harry Franklin Hamiltonban 1
2246 Hoffman Harvey B H Straban
1174 Hoffman John Wise Huntington 1
2412 Hoffman Preston C York Springs
791 Hoffman Ray M Gettysburg - First Ward
2245 Hoffman Robert Henry Straban
578 Hoffman Roscoe Clement Franklin
999 Hoffman Walter W Gettysburg - Third Ward
389 Hoffman William Wade Cumberland
2026 Hoffnagle John Charles New Oxford
1708 Hoffnagle Thomas Henry Mt. Pleasant 1
1108 Hoke William Baker Hamilton
1629 Hollebaugh Charles Clinton Menallen
192 Hollebaugh Jacob Pierce Butler
390 Hollinger Archie R Cumberland
391 Hollinger Charles Raymond Cumberland
193 Hollinger Emanuel Edward Butler
2373 Hollinger Frank Harrison Union
1825 Homer Claude Henry McSherrystown 1
512 Hoofnagle Clair Fairfield
2163 Hoover Harry Jacob Reading
2162 Hoover Heimer Robert Reading
2164 Hoover Lester Curvin Reading
2244 Horner Addison Stewart Straban
190 Horting Philip Earl Butler
278 Horwedel Pius Ignatius Conewago
2313 Houck John F Tyrone 1
136 House Dan'l Stanton Bendersville
188 Howard Charles Russel Butler
1002 Howard Frederick Gettysburg - Third Ward
2247 Howe George Harper Straban
1172 Howe George William Huntington 1
2243 Howe James Franklin Straban
2413 Howe Oscar York Springs
1709 Howe Robert Spangler Mt. Pleasant 1
1216 Huber Henry Slater Huntington 2
786 Hudson Edward Darlington, Jr. Gettysburg - First Ward
575 Hull E Roy Franklin
2085 Hull George W Oxford
686 Hull John Robert Germany
2372 Hull Levi Frank Union
903 Hull Walter Preston Gettysburg - Second Ward
279 Humbert David Franklin Conewago
1630 Hummer Wesley Vance Menallen
455 Hunter Harvey Wm East Berlin
1003 Hutchinson Arthur Ellsworth Gettysburg - Third Ward
581 Irvin F William Franklin
392 Irwin John Logan Cumberland
2414 Jacob Albert R York Springs
1008 Jacobs Charles Theodore Gettysburg - Third Ward
194 Jacobs James Orville Butler
1393 Jacobs Oscar William Latimore
456 Jacobs Paul Edward East Berlin
1007 Jacoby Earl Ambrose Gettysburg - Third Ward
1734 Jacoby George Andrew Mt. Pleasant 2
693 Jacoby Granville Rolandus Germany
1735 Jacoby John Francis Mt. Pleasant 2
2168 Jacoby John Henry Reading
2374 Jago Wm Jos Union
1960 Jeffcoat Henry Clarence Mt. Joy
393 Johns Walter Epley Cumberland
1392 Johnson George Emory Latimore
1283 Johnston Robert William Hamiltonban 1
1006 Jones Mervin W Gettysburg - Third Ward
1465 Jones Warren Ramsey Littlestown
1110 Kaiser John Edward Hamilton
591 Kane Andrew Mark Franklin
1560 Kane Curtis John Liberty
592 Kane Elmer Paul Franklin
582 Kane Leroy John Franklin
587 Kane William Carl Franklin
61 Kapp Sewell Elmer Biglerville
2173 Kauffman Aaron William Reading
2171 Kauffman Charles Christian Reading
280 Kauffman Clarence Noah Conewago
2175 Kauffman David Mark Reading
1398 Kauffman Ernest Milo Latimore
2256 Kauffman Guy Richard Straban
1360 Kauffman Harry C Hamiltonban 2
1361 Kauffman Harvey E Hamiltonban 2
1399 Kauffman J Raymond Latimore
1013 Kauffman James Walter Gettysburg - Third Ward
457 Kauffman Mervin Baker East Berlin
281 Keagy Martin F Conewago
694 Kebil Charles Paul Germany
515 Kebil Paul Blausis Fairfield
1961 Keefauver Conover Lloyd Mt. Joy
1466 Keefer Elmer K Littlestown
1896 Keefer Ervin John McSherrystown 2
1894 Keefer Oscar Edward McSherrystown 2
1397 Keefer Thaddeus Ira Latimore
590 Keiser J Wilford Franklin
1779 Keiser John Peter Mt. Pleasant 3
585 Keller Albert Guy Franklin
586 Keller Samuel Clarence Franklin
1778 Kelley Allen Marion Mt. Pleasant 3
800 Kelly James Franklin Gettysburg - First Ward
799 Kelly Owen Calvin Gettysburg - First Ward
2318 Kemper Earl D Tyrone 1
2315 Kemper Frank J Tyrone 1
2255 Kemper George Emanuel Straban
2375 Kemper William Harrison Union
908 Kendlehart David Daniel Gettysburg - Second Ward
1178 Kennedy Hillary Ray Huntington 1
1177 Kennedy Robert Milton Huntington 1
2314 Kennedy Stewart E Tyrone 1
101 Kepner Chas William Berwick
1078 Kepner Luther Mervin Highland
1284 Kepner Mervin Emory Hamiltonban 1
1285 Kepner William Franklin Hamiltonban 1
394 Kime Curtis Harry Cumberland
2316 Kime David S Tyrone 1
195 Kime Harry Milford Butler
2174 Kime Harry Raymond Reading
395 Kime Howard William Cumberland
2253 Kimmel Curtis Addison Straban
2170 Kimmel Geo Sell Reading
1395 Kimmel William Lewis Latimore
909 Kimple Charles Joseph Gettysburg - Second Ward
594 Kimple Frank Theodore Franklin
597 Kimple Ignatius Albert Franklin
1891 Kinder Jacob Augustus McSherrystown 2
2377 Kindig Claude S Union
697 Kindig Elmer Roy Germany
2376 Kindig Irvin Ray Union
696 King Elmer Franklin Germany
798 King James Alban Gettysburg - First Ward
583 King M Ross Franklin
1394 King Maurice Willis Latimore
695 King Roy Joseph Germany
1470 King Stanley Leroy Littlestown
517 King Walter Allen Fairfield
2254 King William Chalmers Straban
13 Kinneman John A Abbottstown
1286 Kint Harry William Hamiltonban 1
584 Kint William Cletus Franklin
1396 Kinter Charles Andrew Latimore
396 Kissinger Edgar Worth Cumberland
30 Klepper George M J Arendtsville
2169 Klindinst Harry Jesse Reading
2317 Kline Dale E Tyrone 1
1826 Klunk Aloysius Lloyd McSherrystown 1
2088 Klunk Chas A Oxford
1828 Klunk Clarence Chas McSherrystown 1
282 Klunk Francis Alexandria Conewago
1892 Klunk John William McSherrystown 2
1895 Klunk Joseph Clarence McSherrystown 2
1890 Klunk Lewis M McSherrystown 2
1893 Klunk Martin Alonsis McSherrystown 2
2252 Klunk William Vincent Straban
62 Knipple Evers Leslie Biglerville
596 Knipple Ross Allen Franklin
1634 Knouse Allen Dale Menallen
1079 Knouse Allen Howard Highland
1635 Knouse Milton Ernest Menallen
139 Knouse Wilmer Harvey Bendersville
1011 Knox Arthur Vincent Gettysburg - Third Ward
1010 Knox Francis Ignatius Gettysburg - Third Ward
1631 Knox John Moran Menallen
1009 Knox Samuel D Gettysburg - Third Ward
516 Kohl George Henry Fairfield
1472 Kohler Horace Wilford Littlestown
1473 Kohler Luther Alfred Littlestown
2086 Kohler S Ray Oxford
1467 Koontz Thomas Herbert Littlestown
2172 Kraber Roy Francis Reading
1632 Kraft Leo Raymond Menallen
1012 Kramer Lewis Gettysburg - Third Ward
1827 Krepps Mark Edward McSherrystown 1
1471 Kress Roy Jule Littlestown
1468 Kress Walter Edward Littlestown
283 Krichten Ellsworth Joseph Conewago
284 Krichten James Ignatius Conewago
1829 Krichten William Hugh McSherrystown 1
2087 Krise Emory S Oxford
1736 Krise Fabian Eugene Mt. Pleasant 2
458 Kroft Ralph Eugene East Berlin
801 Krout Curvin Eldor Gettysburg - First Ward
2176 Krout Edward Cleveland Reading
2089 Krug Paul W Oxford
1474 Krugg George Milton Littlestown
1561 Kugler Walter John Liberty
10 Kuhn Amos H Abbottstown
1781 Kuhn Charles Valentine Mt. Pleasant 3
1469 Kuhn Eugene F Littlestown
1780 Kuhn George Albert Mt. Pleasant 3
2251 Kuhn James Alfonso Straban
1111 Kuhn Lloyd Joseph Hamilton
1287 Kump Calvin Earl Hamiltonban 1
196 Kump Charles Franklin Butler
1288 Kump Clarence Newton Hamiltonban 1
589 Kump Earl William Franklin
593 Kump Edward Harry Franklin
1289 Kump Robert Hamiltonban 1
1633 Kuntz Parker Lloyd Menallen
2415 La Rue Orpheus York Springs
911 Lackner Harry Charles, Jr. Gettysburg - Second Ward
31 Lady Clyde Hartman Arendtsville
32 Lady Ira Ellsworth Arendtsville
910 Lady Lawrence Emory Gettysburg - Second Ward
33 Lady Luther M Arendtsville
699 Lambert Harry Grant Germany
912 Lamond John Kenyon Gettysburg - Second Ward
518 Landis Henry Musser Fairfield
285 Lansinger John William Conewago
2029 Larson Eric F New Oxford
1476 Lau Elias Trostle Littlestown
461 Lauber Albert Alexander East Berlin
460 Lauber George East Berlin
462 Lauber Herman East Berlin
459 Lauber John Henry East Berlin
15 Lauchman William H Abbottstown
109 Lauer John Kurvin Berwick
106 Laughman Calvin Edward Berwick
286 Laughman Clayton Luther Conewago
104 Laughman Emory Elrose Berwick
103 Laughman Frank Hafer Berwick
2257 Laughman George Harry Straban
2091 Laughman Herman Oxford
110 Laughman Jacob Blain Berwick
102 Laughman John Joseph Berwick
111 Laughman Oscar Monroe Berwick
108 Laughman Paul Berwick
2098 Laughman Tempest J F Oxford
913 Lauver Willis Daniel Gettysburg - Second Ward
2094 Lawrence Albert J Oxford
287 Lawrence Algie David Conewago
1741 Lawrence Benjamin Earl Mt. Pleasant 2
288 Lawrence Bernard A Conewago
2096 Lawrence Clarence E Oxford
1739 Lawrence Claud Joseph Mt. Pleasant 2
1963 Lawrence Edgar Joseph Mt. Joy
1897 Lawrence Elmer Joseph McSherrystown 2
1898 Lawrence Felix Paul McSherrystown 2
1737 Lawrence Francis Joseph Mt. Pleasant 2
1740 Lawrence George Eugene Mt. Pleasant 2
2095 Lawrence Guy Oxford
289 Lawrence Henry Eugene Conewago
1830 Lawrence Martin George McSherrystown 1
2093 Lawrence Paul B Oxford
1831 Lawrence Raymond Joseph McSherrystown 1
1738 Lawrence Thomas Leo Mt. Pleasant 2
198 Lawver Boyd Donald Butler
599 Lawver Boyer Albert Franklin
197 Lawver Jacob Chester Butler
63 Lawver James Luther Biglerville
2178 Leas Chas Calvin Reading
2180 Leas Paul Ellsworth Reading
1290 Lease Chester Arthur Hamiltonban 1
397 Leatherman Albey Leander < Cumberland/td>
914 Leathers Doyle Revere Gettysburg - Second Ward
1179 Leer Edgar Harry Huntington 1
1180 Leer William Alexander Huntington 1
2378 Leese Irvin Raymond Union
1479 LeFevre Benjamin Blaine Littlestown
1475 LeFevre E Roy Littlestown
290 LeGore John Arthur Conewago
698 Legore John William Germany
1181 Lehigh Paul Edman Huntington 1
14 Lehman C F Abbottstown
2179 Leib Wilbert W Reading
1742 Leister Carroll Elmer Mt. Pleasant 2
1962 Leister Edgar John Mt. Joy
291 Leister Edgar Rinehart Conewago
292 Lemmon Herbert Roy Conewago
803 Lentz John Max Gettysburg - First Ward
915 Lentz Paul Raymond Gettysburg - Second Ward
602 Lentz Robert Clarence Franklin
2097 Leppo Charles H Oxford
1400 Leppo David Elmer Latimore
1402 Lerew Charles Gallatin Latimore
1401 Lerew Parker Althouse Latimore
1291 Lerew Samuel William Hamiltonban 1
802 Levan Alfred R Gettysburg - First Ward
398 Lightner Howard Walter Cumberland
1292 Lightner John Franklin Hamiltonban 1
1293 Lightner Maurice Edward Hamiltonban 1
1112 Lillich George Washington Hamilton
200 Linard Foster Henry Butler
1833 Linard John Francis McSherrystown 1
199 Linard Roy Butler
600 Linn Malcolm John Franklin
293 Lippy Charles Oliver Conewago
294 Lippy Elmer Sylvester Conewago
1478 Lippy Winfield Augustus Littlestown
2416 Lischy Ralph York Springs
295 Little Charles M Conewago
2259 Little Clinton Strubinger Straban
1782 Little Dennis Jerome Mt. Pleasant 3
1744 Little George Nicolas Mt. Pleasant 2
2258 Little Gurvius Thomas Straban
1743 Little Harry Samuel Mt. Pleasant 2
107 Little John James Berwick
2092 Little Thomas J Oxford
1745 Little Thomas Joseph Mt. Pleasant 2
598 Little Titus Roy Franklin
296 Livelsberger Edward Charles Conewago
297 Livelsberger George David Conewago
2090 Livelsperger James A Oxford
2177 Livingston Christian Reading
2345 Livingston Mervin J Tyrone 2
2346 Lobaigh Guy Ephraim Tyrone 2
1182 Lobaugh Chas Roy Huntington 1
1294 Lochbaum Luther Levi Hamiltonban 1
1295 Lockman Daniel Edward Hamiltonban 1
1480 Long Charles Augustus Littlestown
1477 Long Harry Burton Littlestown
1832 Long Ralph Joseph McSherrystown 1
64 Longsdorf Charles Sterling Biglerville
1899 Losman George Ralph McSherrystown 2
1080 Lott Black Charles Highland
1081 Lott McClean Frank Highland
601 Lower Calvin Harry Franklin
1636 Lower Edgar Russel Menallen
1637 Lower Melvin Luther Menallen
916 Lower Paul Jacob Gettysburg - Second Ward
603 Lower William Roy Franklin
105 Lucabaugh John Washington Berwick
1638 Lupp Keller Lecrone Menallen
34 Lupp Lawrence M Arendtsville
1219 Lupp Lloyd Luther Huntington 2
1014 Lyles Reuben B Gettysburg - Third Ward
1020 MacPherson Oliver Glen Gettysburg - Third Ward
1639 Maddox John James Menallen
813 Maguire Bernard Pius Gettysburg - First Ward
812 Maguire Joseph Augustine Gettysburg - First Ward
299March Clarence Jeremiah Conewago
2186 March Dale Brough Reading
201 March David Cleophas Butler
113Markle CurvinBerwick
300Markle HowardConewago
112Markle PercyBerwick
2101Markline JacobOxford
2182Marquet Harry ReynoldsReading
1903Marshal Frank HenryMcSherrystown 2
1300Marshall James HallHamiltonban 1
1362Martin Harry WHamiltonban 2
807Martin Walter EugeneGettysburg - First Ward
917Martin William BrolaskyGettysburg - Second Ward
609Martz Bushey DorseyFranklin
1403Masemer Harry EdwardLatimore
1027Mathews James ElliottGettysburg - Third Ward
2382Matthias Franklin LutherUnion
701Matthias Oliver MyersGermany
2380Matthias William LesterUnion
1485Maus Grover ClevelandLittlestown
2099Mause Charles ElmerOxford
2260Mause James WayneStraban
204Mauss Frank RButler
1640McBeth Grant Gray Menallen
2264McCadden John LawrenceStraban
1481McCall CharlesLittlestown
203McCans Dwight Robert Butler
399McCans Harry ClintonCumberland
1185McCans John JacobHuntington 1
65McCans William HenryBiglerville
1642McCauslin Alfred RoyMenallen
1645McCauslin Frank HarrisonMenallen
1644McCauslin Melvin EdwardMenallen
1641McCauslin Ralph BentonMenallen
1643McCauslin Robert AveryMenallen
1296McClain Clarence RobertHamiltonban 1
1297McCleaf ClaimHamiltonban 1
1298McCleaf Hoy HHamiltonban 1
520McCleaf Russel ClevelandFairfield
1120McConley Charles AugustusHamilton
1299McCreary Ralph HillHamiltonban 1
606McDevitt Anthony JFranklin
482McDonnell Harry MervinFreedom
1482McDonnell Howard LLittlestown
918McDonnell Luther EdwardGettysburg - Second Ward
610McGlaughlin Andrew JoelFranklin
522McGlaughlin Harry WashFairfield
1083McGlaughlin Henry JamesHighland
519McGlaughlin James BlaineFairfield
298McGlaughlin Richard HConewago
463McIntire James GroffEast Berlin
919McIntyre Peter HerndonGettysburg - Second Ward
588McKendrick F JohnFranklin
1835McKim George AlbertMcSherrystown 1
400McKinney Charles G CCumberland
1901McMaster Gilbert FrancisMcSherrystown 2
1900McMaster Kenneth LeoMcSherrystown 2
483McNair Benjamin SamuelFreedom
484McNair Charles AlexanderFreedom
485McNair HarryFreedom
1488McNulty Francis LeonardLittlestown
920McSherry Alban GeorgeGettysburg - Second Ward
1746McSherry Joseph BernardMt. Pleasant 2
1019McSherry Martin JohnGettysburg - Third Ward
401Meals G KentonCumberland
2381 Meckley Charles Martin Union
1115Meckley Clair JacobHamilton
2320Meckley George ETyrone 1
1116Meckley Herbert WortzHamilton
1489Mehring Benton SolomonLittlestown
402Mehring Chester EmanuelCumberland
1486Mehring Nevin PLittlestown
403Mehring Walter TheodoreCumberland
1025Menchey Albert JohnGettysburg - Third Ward
1018Menchey Harry ClaytonGettysburg - Third Ward
1017Menchey Lewis Weignant Gettysburg - Third Ward
2183Menges Allen HenryReading
1301Metz Isaac FoutzHamiltonban 1
1302Metz Isaac JacobHamiltonban 1
1783Metz Oliver IvanMt. Pleasant 3
140Michner Raymond CBendersville
1016Mickley Andrew EmanuelGettysburg - Third Ward
611Mickley Augustus RoyFranklin
608Mickley Franklin JohnFranklin
607Mickley Roy JosephFranklin
605Mickley Snyder DanielFranklin
1784Mikesell Addison FranklinMt. Pleasant 3
1710Mikesell William NathanielMt. Pleasant 1
705Milhimes HowardGermany
2263Milhimes John ElmerStraban
702Miller Aaron DavidGermany
1968Miller Abraham HarveyMt. Joy
2419Miller Allen EdgarYork Springs
1084Miller Andrew JohnHighland
1834Miller Augustin ElmerMcSherrystown 1
2031Miller Charles FrancisNew Oxford
1647Miller Chas EugeneMenallen
406Miller Cyrus AlexanderCumberland
405Miller Daniel LeoCumberland
2379Miller Edward WalterUnion
1967Miller Ellsworth PaulMt. Joy
810Miller Francis EmanuelGettysburg - First Ward
1748Miller Frank ThomasMt. Pleasant 2
809Miller George EdgarGettysburg - First Ward
2033Miller George GuyNew Oxford
2417Miller George NYork Springs
1183Miller Gilbert EmmertHuntington 1
1484Miller Glen BLittlestown
2034Miller Harry McKinleyNew Oxford
1836Miller Harry MelvinMcSherrystown 1
2030Miller Harry OscarNew Oxford
66Miller Harvey EllsworthBiglerville
1222Miller Harvey KochHuntington 2
2262Miller Harvey OscarStraban
301Miller Ira SConewago
1646Miller James GraysonMenallen
2261Miller Jno MichaelStraban
808Miller John NathanielGettysburg - First Ward
1121Miller Joseph MichaelHamilton
921Miller Leo HenryGettysburg - Second Ward
1838Miller Leo PaulMcSherrystown 1
1186Miller Luther AllenHuntington 1
1747Miller Nathaniel CharlesMt. Pleasant 2
115Miller Paul ClairBerwick
704Miller Paul JacobGermany
2418Miller Ralph WYork Springs
1023Miller Raymond AGettysburg - Third Ward
1226Miller Raymond EmoryHuntington 2
404Miller Roy HinesCumberland
1024Miller Samuel FranklinGettysburg - Third Ward
1785Miller Sylvester GuyMt. Pleasant 3
708Miller Theodore FrelinghausenGermany
1964Miller William Charles Mt. Joy
703Miller William L LGermany
1184Miller Wm EdwHuntington 1
1223Miller WmHuntington 2
922Mishler Richard EvansGettysburg - Second Ward
2265Mizell Russell FrancisStraban
1021Monroe Lawrence DavidGettysburg - Third Ward
521Moore Arthur MansleidFairfield
1119Moore John LawrenceHamilton
1117Moore Joseph FrancisHamilton
202Moose AlbertButler
2319Moose Charles CTyrone 1
1648Moose Harry CorneliusMenallen
604Moose Luther EdgarFranklin
35Moose Wm MArendtsville
1966 Morelock Augustus WalterMt. Joy
1786Morelock Gruver JeremiahMt. Pleasant 3
486Moritz Merle RaymondFreedom
2420Morrell Arlie ZieglerYork Springs
805Morris Joseph TheodoreGettysburg - First Ward
1787Morrison Charles JohnMt. Pleasant 3
487Mort Harmon MartinFreedom
1220Mortorff James RobertHuntington 2
1969Mosser Russel WilliamMt. Joy
1113Moul Paul HooverHamilton
488Mounshower ClarenceFreedom
302Mummert Ammon SConewago
700Mummert Arthur MichaelGermany
1902Mummert Clair FrancisMcSherrystown 2
706Mummert Curvin Liberius Germany
116Mummert Freizer UriasBerwick
464Mummert George ElmerEast Berlin
1487Mummert John EzraLittlestown
117Mummert Lloyd LaboriousBerwick
1711Mummert Walter KennethMt. Pleasant 1
1483Mundorff William OscarLittlestown
407Munshower Walter RussellCumberland
806Murray William JohnGettysburg - First Ward
1749Murren Joseph VincentMt. Pleasant 2
1650Murtorff Blaine AlbertMenallen
1649Murtorff Calvin JamesMenallen
1225Murtorff Melvin OscarHuntington 2
1303Musselman Albert RayHamiltonban 1
1304Musselman Glen MartinHamiltonban 1
1026Musselman Luther KynerGettysburg - Third Ward
1305Musselman PaulHamiltonban 1
1306Musselman Peter ChristianHamiltonban 1
1307Musselman Ralph JesseHamiltonban 1
1308Musselman Samuel WillisHamiltonban 1
612Musser E CharlesFranklin
1015Musser Earnest HGettysburg - Third Ward
1028Musser Harry AllenGettysburg - Third Ward
613Myer W AdamsFranklin
1788Myers Ambrose ThomasMt. Pleasant 3
709Myers Calvin SylvesterGermany
303Myers Charles AdamsConewago
1114Myers Charles EdgarHamilton
923Myers Charles JeffersonGettysburg - Second Ward
304Myers Clayton NewmanConewago
1224Myers Earl MarmadukeHuntington 2
1221Myers Elton HenryHuntington 2
811Myers Erney LeroyGettysburg - First Ward
1562Myers Exavier ClarenceLiberty
16Myers Harvey CAbbottstown
2100Myers Herman T Oxford
2032Myers John ClaytonNew Oxford
114Myers John EdwardBerwick
1118Myers Luther SolomanHamilton
1082Myers Melvin JohnHighland
305Myers Mervin LincolnConewago
408Myers Nelson AlbanCumberland
2181Myers Nervin EmmertReading
2184Myers Ralph DavidReading
2421Myers RalphYork Springs
1965Myers Reuben WilliamMt. Joy
924Myers Ross RobertGettysburg - Second Ward
1837Myers Roy IgnatiusMcSherrystown 1
2185Myers RoyReading
1789Myers Simon EdwardMt. Pleasant 3
707Myers Thomas EdwinGermany
1022Myrick Albert LeoGettysburg - Third Ward
614Nagle James MauriceFranklin
616Nary H JohnFranklin
36Nary Orie AArendtsville
1309Nary Quay WilliamHamiltonban 1
1029Naugle Alonza LuvancherGettysburg - Third Ward
814Naugle FosterGettysburg - First Ward
1363Naugle Harry WHamiltonban 2
1651Naylor George Edgar Menallen
1652 Naylor Guy HenryMenallen
1310Neely Donald HeathHamiltonban 1
2102Neider Clinton EOxford
1751Neiderer Alphonsus ClementMt. Pleasant 2
306Neiderer Austin GuyConewago
307Neiderer John PConewago
1750Neiderer Paul CharlesMt. Pleasant 2
1712Nell James MonroeMt. Pleasant 1
409Neusch Edmund RandolphCumberland
523Newman Edgar HarrisonFairfield
615Newman George PaulFranklin
1030Newman John EdwardGettysburg - Third Ward
925Nicholas John SpanglerGettysburg - Second Ward
815Nicholson Frank AGettysburg - First Ward
2266Nicoll William DonneldsonStraban
2187Nitchman Calvin JamesReading
1404Nitchman Cornelius Henry Latimore
67Nitchman Paul LeviBiglerville
1754Noel Albert JosephMt. Pleasant 2
1791Noel Arthur SimonMt. Pleasant 3
1752Noel Augustus HenryMt. Pleasant 2
1904Noel Bernard ClaudeMcSherrystown 2
1839Noel Bernard IgnatiusMcSherrystown 1
308Noel Charles FrancisConewago
309Noel Charles HaroldConewago
310Noel Harry LewisConewago
1905Noel Harvey AmbroseMcSherrystown 2
1790Noel James AlbertMt. Pleasant 3
311Noel John WilliamConewago
1753Noel Leo DavidMt. Pleasant 2
1792Noel Leo VincentMt. Pleasant 3
2103Noel Monroe JOxford
312Noel Stansilus SConewago
1122Noel William EdwardHamilton
1490Null Emory JohnLittlestown
2428Null John Daniel LewisYork Springs
410Null John SamuelCumberland
1840Oaster George EdwMcSherrystown 1
489Oden John EdwardFreedom
490Oden LeroyFreedom
816Ogden Charles Frederick Gettysburg - First Ward
1654Ogden Earnest FrancisMenallen
1972Ohler Augustus WalterMt. Joy
1031Ohler Ernest BernardGettysburg - Third Ward
1493Ohler Jacob ErnstLittlestown
1970Ohlinger Webster ClaudeMt. Joy
1492O'Kril PaulLittlestown
1491Orndorff Roy NewtonLittlestown
206Orner Arlie RalphButler
1657Orner George WilliamMenallen
1655Orner Harry EdgarMenallen
1656Orner Leroy CharlesMenallen
205Orner Simon LeslieButler
1405Ortmyer Erwin EdwinLatimore
1841Overbaugh Joseph ClarenceMcSherrystown 1
1906Overbaugh Paul AustinMcSherrystown 2
1563Overholtzer Martin CharlesLiberty
821Oyler Carl ErnestGettysburg - First Ward
819Oyler Lawrence EdmondGettysburg - First Ward
617Oyler Leonard WilliamFranklin
818Oyler Lester CharlesGettysburg - First Ward
820Oyler Norbert LinusGettysburg - First Ward
817Oyler William AlexanderGettysburg - First Ward
2384Palmer Lee ElmerUnion
1971Palmer Lloyd Curtis Mt. Joy
927Pape John HenryGettysburg - Second Ward
2385Parr Clair AmosUnion
1802Pascoe JohnMt. Pleasant 3
1912Pascoe WilliamMcSherrystown 2
824Patterson Frank MervinGettysburg - First Ward
411Patterson George PhillipCumberland
711 Patterson Luther DanielGermany
1227Paxton Calvin CurtisHuntington 2
207Pensyl Charles MiltonButler
208Pensyl William HenryButler
618Pepple Calvin GlennFranklin
1123Peterman Albert WinehartHamilton
1187Peters Danner Altlee Huntington 1
141Peters N JohnBendersville
209Peters Wallace VernonButler
926Phiel John Arthur
1032Phillips Eugene John
465Phillips Guy AllenEast Berlin
712Phillips Joseph HenryGermany
710Phillips Stewart JohnGermany
1188Pifer Chas HenryHuntington 1
2321Pittenturf Cletus CTyrone 1
2035Pittenturf Harry JamesNew Oxford
1033Pittenturf Roy AGettysburg - Third Ward
1803Pitzer Nevin ErnestMt. Pleasant 3
491Plank Allen WebFreedom
1085Plank Butt GuyHighland
1564Plank Cleveland Walter Liberty
492Plank Ernest DannerFreedom
412Plank Guy HenryCumberland
825Plank Harry DennisGettysburg - First Ward
493Plank Norman LloydFreedom
1189Plank Scott RobnetteHuntington 1
822Plank William CGettysburg - First Ward
413Plank William HarryCumberland
2383Plunkert Edward MosesUnion
1757Pohlman J EugeneMt. Pleasant 2
1755Pohlman John WilliamMt. Pleasant 2
1756Pohlman Michael FrancisMt. Pleasant 2
1908Poist Francis XavierMcSherrystown 2
1907Poist Harry EdwardMcSherrystown 2
2036Poist Joseph MarkNew Oxford
1911Poist Leo BarndtMcSherrystown 2
1910Poist Leo JamesMcSherrystown 2
1909Poist William MarkMcSherrystown 2
928Pontius Paul ReidGettysburg - Second Ward
524Porter Lyman RoughleyFairfield
2104Ports Alvin SOxford
37Powell John FArendtsville
1407Power Clarence SanfordLatimore
823Power Edmund EGettysburg - First Ward
1311Price John ClevelandHamiltonban 1
1124Price Paul GipeHamilton
1406ProsserJohn Herman Latimore
414Quarles Joseph OtisCumberland
68Raffensperger Charles EdgarBiglerville
626Raffensperger David LutherFranklin
39Raffensperger H KeifferArendtsville
38Raffensperger Harvey BArendtsville
210Raffensperger Roy MosesButler
1312Raffensperger Walter RHamiltonban 1
41Raffensperger Wilson BArendtsville
40Raffensperger Wm ArnoldArendtsville
313Rahn Paul ReedConewago
314Rambo Harry ElwoodConewago
1844Rang Chas MichaelMcSherrystown 1
717Rang Joseph IgnatiusGermany
1845Rang Leo SylvesterMcSherrystown 1
1804Rash Curtis EdwinMt. Pleasant 3
318Raubenstine Charles EConewago
1973Reaver Bernard RusselMt. Joy
1036Reaver Charles ClarenceGettysburg - Third Ward
415Reaver Daniel LakeCumberland
2267Reaver James EdgarStraban
494Reaver Maurice AnthonyFreedom
495Reaver Paul SnyderFreedom
1974Reaver Reck LloydMt. Joy
1503Reaver Roy MotterLittlestown
1087Reaver Washington GeorgeHighland
1086Reaver William JohnHighland
625Rebert Alberta ClaireFranklin
1499Rebert Homer FranklinLittlestown
621Rebert JohnFranklin
627Rebert Lawrence DorseyFranklin
622Rebert Markle ClarenceFranklin
624Rebert OrnanFranklin
2389Rebert Wilbur LloydUnion
416Redding Allen StephenCumberland
417Redding Bernard WilliamCumberland
418Redding Franklin WilliamCumberland
419Redding Simon MauriceCumberland
144Reed Benton ArchBendersville
69Reed Charles FosterBiglerville
147Reed Denver RolandBendersville
829Reed William JamesGettysburg - First Ward
1313Reese David Edward Hamiltonban 1
1314Reese George EdwardHamiltonban 1
1843Reese Harry LeoMcSherrystown 1
496Reever George LutherFreedom
497Reever James LawrenceFreedom
1039Reichle Norman GeorgeGettysburg - Third Ward
498Reid Robert AndrewFreedom
2388Reigle Harry JacobUnion
2386Reigle Paul PeterUnion
1498Reindollar George IrvinLittlestown
2390Reindollar Maurice FranklinUnion
929Reinecker Clarence LutherGettysburg - Second Ward
831Reinecker Hayden PGettysburg - First Ward
832Reinecker Jacob HowardGettysburg - First Ward
1126Reinecker Leslie IrvinHamilton
1190Reinecker Norman ZimersHuntington 1
1495Renner John LLittlestown
714Renner Roy DavidGermany
316Renoll Clayton WashingtonConewago
716Rentzel Harry EdgarGermany
466Resser Justin StanleyEast Berlin
931Reynolds Walter DanielGettysburg - Second Ward
930Reynolds Walter LutherGettysburg - Second Ward
213Rhodes Paul TheodoreButler
1658Rice Dennis ElmerMenallen
619Rice E JosephFranklin
143Rice Edgar RoyalBendersville
1913Rice John FrancisMcSherrystown 2
215Rice Lawrence EdgarButler
145Rice Milton LeoBendersville
1659Rice Paul HermanMenallen
623Rice R William, Jr.Franklin
212Rice Ralph Edgar Butler
830Rice Staton S., Jr.Gettysburg - First Ward
1038Richards Eugene MarionGettysburg - Third Ward
2189Rickrode Clayton AaronReading
1494Rider Maurice FrancisLittlestown
1501Rider Thomas JosephLittlestown
826Ridinger Howard GGettysburg - First Ward
827Ridinger Morris JohnGettysburg - First Ward
317Rife Charles FConewago
1713Rife LeroyMt. Pleasant 1
1125Rife Maurice DiehlHamilton
315Rife Oscar JacobConewago
1500Riffle Robert AndrewLittlestown
1037Riggs GeorgeGettysburg - Third Ward
2269Riley Charles LutherStraban
1569Riley Ernst NormanLiberty
1568Riley Hahn VernonLiberty
420Riley James ChristopherCumberland
421Riley Leo CharlesCumberland
2268Riley R WilliamStraban
1566Riley Trimer PaxtonLiberty
1408Rinehart LeroyLatimore
2105Rinehart Paul ROxford
620Roberts Arthur EdwinFranklin
1040Roberts James AlbertGettysburg - Third Ward
1035Robinson Charles AlbertGettysburg - Third Ward
2038Robinson Dennis CharlesNew Oxford
1502Robinson George StonerLittlestown
1496Robinson Homer WilliamLittlestown
17Rodgers Walter EAbbottstown
499Rohrbaugh Charles EdgarFreedom
2107Rohrbaugh Edward BOxford
715Rohrbaugh Emanuel ClaytonGermany
1315Rohrbaugh Paul MiltonHamiltonban 1
828Rohrbaugh Willis CGettysburg - First Ward
2190Roland NelsonReading
1567Rose Edward HarryLiberty
1565Rose William GeorgeLiberty
1034Rosensteel Francis HenryGettysburg - Third Ward
422Rosensteel Thomas LeoCumberland
2037Roth Arthur EliasNew Oxford
71Roth Clarence WesleyBiglerville
595Roth Glenn CalvinFranklin
214Roth Rufus HenryButler
70Roth Wilmer EugeneBiglerville
146Routsong Blaine JamesBendersville
142Routsong Earl JacobBendersville
211Rouzer Dennis RussellButler
72Rouzer Merritt GuyBiglerville
932Rouzer William HenryGettysburg - Second Ward
2106Rowe Arthur JOxford
423Rudisill Emory ClareCumberland
1842Rudisill Roy RaymondMcSherrystown 1
1661Rummel Mervin RoyMenallen
933Rupp John ReigleGettysburg - Second Ward
2188Ruppert MelvinReading
713Rusher Howard EdwardGermany
1660Russell Charles EdwardMenallen
1497Rutters Richard RossvilleLittlestown
1976Sachs Guy LesterMt. Joy
855Sachs John HarrisonGettysburg-First Ward
2047Sadler Charles RussellNew Oxford
1662Sadler Jesse CashmanMenallen
853Samuel William RaymondGettysburg - First Ward
1316Sanders Charles EdwardHamiltonban 1
424Sanders Charles MauriceCumberland
1717Sanders Charles MerlMt. Pleasant 1
1317Sanders Clarence AmbroseHamiltonban 1
425Sanders Cletus GuyCumberland
2053Sanders David FrancisNew Oxford
525Sanders Floyd CorneliusFairfield
635Sanders Frederick CarlFranklin
1714Sanders Guy David Mt. Pleasant 1
1715Sanders Guy StevensMt. Pleasant 1
835Sanders Huber JGettysburg - First Ward
1716Sanders James CasperMt. Pleasant 1
2275Sanders Joe EdwardStraban
934Sanders John ElmerGettysburg - Second Ward
1318Sanders John PrestonHamiltonban 1
2050Sanders Joseph FelixNew Oxford
1319Sanders Luther CalvinHamiltonban 1
1572Sanders Marion JasonLiberty
426Sanders Mervin LeoCumberland
643Sanders Newton FrankFranklin
1320Sanders Oliver GuyHamiltonban 1
1321Sanders PrestonHamiltonban 1
2278Sanders Wm FrancisStraban
1758Sauble Emory ArthurMt. Pleasant 2
73Saw Angus WalterBiglerville
2401Scheuhart Frank VincentUnion
1663Schlisler George FrancisMenallen
42Schlosser Mervin WArendtsville
1229Schriver Ray WendellHuntington 2
319Schuchart John AConewago
2403Schue Horace RolandusUnion
1984Schuehart William EdwardMt. Joy
2394Schuman Ralph DanielUnion
1975Schwartz David EarnestMt. Joy
427Schwartz Howard SamuelCumberland
840Sclar MauriceGettysburg - First Ward
1322Seabrook Paul EdgarHamiltonban 1
528Seabrook William ClarenceFairfield
467Sebright David GranvilleEast Berlin
2196Sebright Raymond GeorgeReading
320Seiberlich Lawrence WmConewago
527Seiferd Jacob ElmerFairfield
1323Seiford Howard FrancisHamiltonban 1
1324Seiford Jason CalvinHamiltonban 1
428Seiss Willis JohnstonCumberland
1510Sell George WilliamLittlestown
723Sell Holman LeveriaGermany
2322Sell SerenusTyrone 1
719Sell Sterling LeroyGermany
1794Sentz Calvin MauriceMt. Pleasant 3
1983Sentz Clair IvanMt. Joy
1793Sentz Howard RolandusMt. Pleasant 3
1982Sentz Luther PaulMt. Joy
634Settle Daniel JohnFranklin
646Settle John CliffordFranklin
1506Shadle William FranklinLittlestown
861Shafer William HGettysburg - First Ward
2326Shaffer Clare KTyrone 1
640Shaffer L MartinFranklin
1409Shaffer Milton RobertLatimore
639Shaffer R LloydFranklin
2422Shank Benjamin PYork Springs
2323Shank ChesterTyrone 1
1195Shank Daniel WebsterHuntington 1
1192Shank Dora AllenHuntington 1
74Shank John CalvinBiglerville
1411Shank Roy MervinLatimore
1325Sharrah Edward AndrewHamiltonban 1
631Sharrah HowardFranklin
629Sharrah IraFranklin
628Sharrah Lawrence EmoryFranklin
323Sharrets Harmon TConewago
843Sheads Curtis HuntGettysburg - First Ward
845Sheads Lawrence MGettysburg - First Ward
1041Sheaffer Arthur CalvinGettysburg - Third Ward
1664Sheaffer Duley ClaytonMenallen
1665Sheaffer Harvey MervinMenallen
1196Sheaffer Leonard DavidHuntington 1
935Shealer Albert FrancisGettysburg - Second Ward
321Shearer Walter RogersConewago
2045Sheely Channell GNew Oxford
2052Sheely David John AndrewNew Oxford
1511Sheely Dennis OLittlestown
2044Sheely Edward CalvinNew Oxford
2042Sheely J ClaytonNew Oxford
322Sheely Willis GrantConewago
851Sheffer Howard WesleyGettysburg - First Ward
1326Sheffer Stanley RusselHamiltonban 1
2199Shelleman George LeroyReading
2203Shelleman Lewis MickleyReading
945Sheppard Carl AndrewGettysburg - Second Ward
1666Sherman Guy FiscelMenallen
936Sherman John WilliamGettysburg - Second Ward
1509Sherman Ralph SLittlestown
76Shetron Roe HarrisonBiglerville
75Shetter Russel DavidBiglerville
833Shields Arthur HGettysburg - First Ward
429Shields Clarence BernardCumberland
937Shields William IsaacGettysburg - Second Ward
1796Shildt George AndrewMt. Pleasant 3
2399Shildt James EdwardUnion
1991Shildt Maurice CharlesMt. Joy
844Shindledecker Clarence MoreneGettysburg - First Ward
630Shindledecker Emanuel ChasFranklin
852Shindledecker Emery ChasGettysburg - First Ward
430Shindledecker Harry FranklinCumberland
939Shindledecker James EarnestGettysburg - Second Ward
1977Shoemaker Allen ChesterMt. Joy
718Shoemaker Clarence PhilemanGermany
1517Shoemaker Roy EdgarLittlestown
722Shoemaker Walter DavidGermany
1577Shorb Byron GeraldLiberty
1574Shorb Roy DanielLiberty
1668Showers Charles ReubenMenallen
1672Showers Edward EarlMenallen
1669Showers Harry EllsworthMenallen
1670Showers Harry MelvinMenallen
1667Showers RoyMenallen
1671Showers William GrantMenallen
2120Shrader Charles AOxford
2121Shrader Frank HOxford
324Shrader John HenryConewago
500Shriner Charles AugustusFreedom
2114Shriver J WilliamOxford
1986Shriver Paul EarlingtonMt. Joy
645Shue Augustus MahlonFranklin
644Shue George MonroeFranklin
2110Shue Harry WilliamOxford
325Shue John HenryConewago
1327Shuler Charles AlbertHamiltonban 1
1328Shuler William HenryHamiltonban 1
2276Shull Darius LloydStraban
1673Shull Hervie ClaytonMenallen
637Shultz Albert ClydeFranklin
1980Shultz Andrew JacobMt. Joy
1678Shultz Clarence AndersonMenallen
1795Shultz Curtis EdwardMt. Pleasant 3
636Shultz Elmer AlbertFranklin
856Shultz John LeroyGettysburg - First Ward
1329Shultz Lloyd EdwardHamiltonban 1
1193Shultz Ollie NervinHuntington 1
1330Shuyler John FranklinHamiltonban 1
648Shuyler William ClevelandFranklin
1674Sieber Raymond WMenallen
942Silk John WilburGettysburg - Second Ward
2423Simpson John EYork Springs
1331Singley Alex EmoryHamiltonban 1
1332Singley Clarence AlbertHamiltonban 1
526Singley Lawrence PFairfield
1333Singley Preston WilliamHamiltonban 1
1334Singley Robert MervinHamiltonban 1
938Singmaster PaulGettysburg - Second Ward
326Sipling EugeneConewago
1335Sites CyrusHamiltonban 1
1573Sites Mackley Arthur Liberty
1571Sites Sumer LloydLiberty
943Skelly Daniel AlexanderGettysburg - Second Ward
1922Slagel Edward SamuelMcSherrystown 2
1923Slagel Harry JamesMcSherrystown 2
2193Slaybaugh Curtis EliReading
224Slaybaugh Edward LawrenceButler
77Slaybaugh George ElmerBiglerville
221Slaybaugh Glen Allen Butler
940Slaybaugh John EllsworthGettysburg - Second Ward
1675Slaybaugh Marks WilliamMenallen
219Slaybaugh Milton LutherButler
2041Slaybaugh Samuel GranvilleNew Oxford
649Slonaker A D JohnFranklin
1336Slonaker Andrew AlfredHamiltonban 1
642Slonaker Charles IraFranklin
1052Slonaker Frank JosephGettysburg - Third Ward
1337Slonaker Harry Marshall
1048Slonaker JacobGettysburg - Third Ward
2347Slusser Dennis EarlTyrone 2
1759Slusser Turney EdwardMt. Pleasant 2
327Small Charles AConewago
328Small Curvin AConewago
1914Small Eugene IgnatiusMcSherrystown 2
1916Small George WashingtonMcSherrystown 2
329Small Harry EConewago
1915Small Henry JohnMcSherrystown 2
1921Small Jerome LewisMcSherrystown 2
501Small John PiusFreedom
330Small Joseph IConewago
1718Small Joseph JamesMt. Pleasant 1
1917Small Joseph PeterMcSherrystown 2
1849Small Kieran EdwMcSherrystown 1
1924Small Leroy LewisMcSherrystown 2
1846Small Lewis HenryMcSherrystown 1
846Small Walter AugustusGettysburg - First Ward
859Smiley F RusselGettysburg - First Ward
1762Smith Benedict JosephMt. Pleasant 2
1338Smith Bryon EdwardHamiltonban 1
2200Smith Calvin AllenReading
2270Smith Charles Clinton Straban
1920Smith Charles FrancisMcSherrystown 2
1798Smith Charles HenryMt. Pleasant 3
2400Smith Charles JosephUnion
1992Smith ClarenceMt. Joy
2395Smith Claude SylvesterUnion
2046Smith Clayton FrancisNew Oxford
2194Smith Cleason EdgarReading
331Smith Clement CConewago
332Smith Curtis HenryConewago
333Smith Curvin JConewago
2402Smith Earl EugeneUnion
1199Smith Edgar JamesHuntington 1
2122Smith Edward TOxford
1046Smith Francis ArcadiusGettysburg - Third Ward
334Smith George FConewago
2272Smith George FrankStraban
1197Smith George LoughHuntington 1
2116Smith Guy FOxford
1761Smith Harry HenryMt. Pleasant 2
335Smith Harry WashingtonConewago
2039Smith Henry JacobNew Oxford
1928Smith Herbert EugeneMcSherrystown 2
1044Smith Herman BelmontGettysburg - Third Ward
1053Smith HowardGettysburg - Third Ward
725Smith James Francis Germany
1516Smith John ALittlestown
1918Smith John PrestonMcSherrystown 2
2274Smith Joseph PiusStraban
336Smith Joseph VincentConewago
337Smith Lawrence EdwardConewago
1719Smith Lenus CharlesMt. Pleasant 1
468Smith Lewis LloydEast Berlin
1797Smith Linus FrancisMt. Pleasant 3
2391Smith Luther SamuelUnion
1760Smith Maurice JosephMt. Pleasant 2
2392Smith Paul HarveyUnion
502Smith Robert GlennFreedom
1505Smith Robert JLittlestown
1926Smith Robert PaulMcSherrystown 2
338Smith Timothy FConewago
1927Smith Vincent WeaverMcSherrystown 2
431Smith William RussellCumberland
1228Smyers George MarcellusHuntington 2
1800Sneeringer Clarence JeromeMt. Pleasant 3
118Sneeringer Edw JosephBerwick
2108Sneeringer G AlbertOxford
339Sneeringer Henry AnthonyConewago
340Sneeringer John BConewago
341Sneeringer John LConewago
1799Sneeringer Leo AugustusMt. Pleasant 3
122Sneeringer Louis JosephBerwick
1990Snyder Albert RoyMt. Joy
1978Snyder Albertus EdgarMt. Joy
1989Snyder Allen Claude Mt. Joy
1848Snyder AugustaMcSherrystown 1
227Snyder Charles FrankButler
1412Snyder Denton AndrewLatimore
225Snyder Earl Kenton Butler
223Snyder Elmer AlfredButler
1514Snyder Emory HarrisonLittlestown
2398Snyder Harrison FrancisUnion
432Snyder Hiot CharlesCumberland
1515Snyder Luther DanielLittlestown
342Snyder Ray HConewago
1979Snyder Theodore LloydMt. Joy
2404Sohl Charles EUnion
641Sowers Claire JFranklin
1128Sowers Daniel CyrusHamilton
854Sowers Dorsey WilmerGettysburg - First Ward
148Sowers Elijah CharlesBendersville
1231Sowers Elmer IsaacHuntington 2
1137Sowers Wilbert JosephHamilton
1230Sowers Wilmer JacobHuntington 2
2204Spangler AllenReading
2197Spangler Chas CurtisReading
1507Spangler Chester ALittlestown
1339Spangler George AllenHamiltonban 1
2198Spangler George MervinReading
1191Spangler George UriahHuntington 1
1985Spangler Howard Paul Mt. Joy
1049Spangler John ElmerGettysburg - Third Ward
228Spangler John WilliamButler
2349Spangler Luther GuyTyrone 2
78Spangler Robert ClintonBiglerville
1340Spangler Russel MehringHamiltonban 1
1341Spence Bernard WashingtonHamiltonban 1
631Spence Edward JamesFranklin
1342Spence Harman HHamiltonban 1
1198Spertzel George AndrewHuntington 1
1232Spertzel Harry CurtisHuntington 2
1801Sponseller A NevinMt. Pleasant 3
1720Sponseller Charles EdwardMt. Pleasant 1
839Sponseller Lloyd AGettysburg - First Ward
1134Sponseller Ray JacobHamilton
216Stahl Harry CleatusButler
1677Stahl Jacob HarrisonMenallen
834Stahle John EGettysburg - First Ward
1578Stahley William RaphaelLiberty
1364Staley Harry WHamiltonban 2
850Stallsmith Earl WilliamGettysburg - First Ward
2057Stallsmith Raymond KNew Oxford
847Stallsmith Roy PGettysburg - First Ward
849Stallsmith Wilbur JamesGettysburg - First Ward
1987Stambaugh CharlesMt. Joy
343Stambaugh Luther WConewago
2192Stambaugh Paul LeviReading
121Stambaugh William HenryBerwick
1045Stanton David EGettysburg - Third Ward
1050Stanton Freeman LeviGettysburg - Third Ward
1679Starner Andrew EliakimMenallen
2201Starner Burtis JacobReading
2348Starner Mervin LloydTyrone 2
119Starner Milton HenryBerwick
344Starner Walter RayConewago
1508Starr Bernard EugeneLittlestown
633Starry Emanuel GeorgeFranklin
2324Starry James WTyrone 1
2425Starry Norman DennisYork Springs
2424Starry Raymond MYork Springs
1131Staub Bernard Ira Hamilton
1132Staub Charles AndrewHamilton
2195Staub Chas JeremiahReading
2054Staub Cletus JosephNew Oxford
2191Staub Clinton RaymondReading
1133Staub Edward WilliamHamilton
1130Staub George AlbertHamilton
2051Staub Guy AlfredNew Oxford
1925Staub Ignatius MarcellusMcSherrystown 2
2118Staub John LOxford
2111Staub John ROxford
2112Staub Lawrence C L JOxford
2040Staub Mervin JosephNew Oxford
1135Staub Russell LeoHamilton
2056Staub Urban FrancisNew Oxford
848Stauffer Russell DeardorffGettysburg - First Ward
720Stavely Lloyd LutherGermany
2043Steffan George EdwardNew Oxford
1129Steich Charles RawanHamilton
2271Steinberg John WilliamStraban
222Steinberger Lawrence AndrewButler
226Steinberger Paul IgnatiusButler
1047Steinour Charles EdwardGettysburg - Third Ward
433Steinour John FranklinCumberland
1343Stem Clarence AlbertHamiltonban 1
1042Sterner Jacob BryanGettysburg - Third Ward
220Sterner Jacob OliverButler
1852Sterner Leroy McClellanMcSherrystown 1
434Sterner Leslie GuyCumberland
2119Sterner Maurice JOxford
217Sterner Maurice McLinnButler
857Sterner Ralph LeroyGettysburg - First Ward
842Sterner Rodger GuyGettysburg - First Ward
1847Sterner Roger JacobMcSherrystown 1
2396Sterner Roy AdamsUnion
841Sterner Russel GeorgeGettysburg - First Ward
2325Stevens Ammon CTyrone 1
836Stewart Horace MyersGettysburg - First Ward
1570Stine Arthur RileyLiberty
1576Stine M Earl Liberty
1136Stine Nathaniel WalterHamilton
2277Stitt John MarkStraban
1194Stitzel George VanceHuntington 1
2048Stock Charles WilliamNew Oxford
2202Stock Chas CameronReading
1721Stock Claud AllenMt. Pleasant 1
2273Stock Harry AlbertStraban
2109Stock Henry COxford
1723Stock John LeviMt. Pleasant 1
2055Stock Lloyd DiehlNew Oxford
1722Stock Mark DentonMt. Pleasant 1
944Stock Simon SylvesterGettysburg - Second Ward
1513Stone Thomas MilfordLittlestown
650Stoner Elvin William Franklin
647Stoner HughFranklin
435Stoner Ivan PrestonCumberland
1088Stoner Milton LloydHighland
1089Stoner Walter MauriceHighland
1512Stonesifer Bernard AustinLittlestown
2393Stonesifer Charles SamuelUnion
1043Stonesifer William DavidGettysburg - Third Ward
218Stoops James ShoverButler
1919Storm Albert IgnatiusMcSherrystown 2
2117Storm Anthony MOxford
2115Storm Edward AOxford
2113Stough Carl EOxford
638Stover A LawrenceFranklin
860Stover George EdGettysburg - First Ward
1504Stover Henry SellersLittlestown
1676Stover John WMenallen
43Stover Mervin EdgarArendtsville
726Straley Arthur AaronGermany
1981Straley Harrison NewtonMt. Joy
721Straley Ivan T JGermany
1993Straley Oliver DennisMt. Joy
724Straley Wilmer GrantGermany
1850Strasbaugh Clarence JosephMcSherrystown 1
1344Strasbaugh Howard GlenHamiltonban 1
1127Strasbaugh John LawrenceHamilton
1851Strasbaugh Lloyd ChasMcSherrystown 1
436Strausbaugh Charles WilliamCumberland
2049Strausbaugh Earl RaymondNew Oxford
941Strausbaugh Emory DavidGettysburg - Second Ward
1410Strayer Cleason RobertLatimore
1575Strayer Ray JesseLiberty
1988Strickhouser Gilbert EarnestMt. Joy
437Strickhouser Harold AlbertCumberland
2397Strine Harry AllenUnion
2279Study Upton RoyStraban
120Sullivan RoyBerwick
79Swartz Harvey EllsworthBiglerville
1051Swisher Charles EdwardGettysburg - Third Ward
345Swisher Harry ClarenceConewago
858Swisher Walter SGettysburg - First Ward
837Swope Earl RaymondGettysburg - First Ward
838Swope Harry EGettysburg - First Ward
18Swope O FAbbottstown
1518Tagg Norman HarveyLittlestown
874Tampas Nick SGettysburg - First Ward
1200Tanger Isaac RaymondHuntington 1
652Tate Earl CharlesFranklin
946Tate Naylor DavidGettysburg - Second Ward
1057Tate Norman EdwardGettysburg - Third Ward
872Taughinbaugh Arthur GuyGettysburg - First Ward
2281Taughinbaugh Geo EdwardStraban
2287Taughinbaugh John NeelyStraban
867Tawney William AGettysburg - First Ward
1688Taylor Aaron EmoryMenallen
1687Taylor Bruce BellMenallen
1684Taylor Calvin LeviMenallen
1683Taylor Charles LeonardMenallen
229Taylor Clarence EdwardButler
1686Taylor Frederick AllenMenallen
873Taylor George CornwellGettysburg - First Ward
1680Taylor George PlankMenallen
232Taylor Harry MButler
1681Taylor John RalphMenallen
651Taylor Melvin RoyFranklin
1682Taylor Paul RayMenallen
1685Taylor Raymond WilliamMenallen
231Taylor Roy DavidButler
871Taylor Will SentmanGettysburg - First Ward
81Thoman Allen FranklinBiglerville
2286Thomas Charles RaymondStraban
438Thomas David FrancisCumberland
1689Thomas Francis UriahMenallen
2285Thomas Guy FranklinStraban
44Thomas J CameronArendtsville
230Thomas James RoyButler
2284Thomas Leo SylvesterStraban
2283Thomas Luther ClaytonStraban
80Thomas Robert J DBiglerville
439Thomas William HenryCumberland
870Thompson Joseph SGettysburg - First Ward
1058Timbers Geo William ErnestGettysburg - Third Ward
1853Timmins Hays JosephMcSherrystown 1
1931Timmins John HenryMcSherrystown 2
653Tipton A LeoFranklin
865Tipton James EarlGettysburg - First Ward
866Toddes Elmer EugeneGettysburg - First Ward
949Toddes George WashingtonGettysburg - Second Ward
862Toddes Walter EdwardGettysburg - First Ward
1724Todt Joseph JacobMt. Pleasant 1
2123Topper Chas William Oxford
440Topper Clayton EdwardCumberland
1059Topper Eugene HaroldGettysburg - Third Ward
1579Topper Felix QuinnLiberty
1690Topper Howard LeroyMenallen
1581Topper Ignatius JosephLiberty
2280Topper Ivin GuyStraban
1929Topper James RayMcSherrystown 2
1930Topper John LawrenceMcSherrystown 2
654Tressler Filmore Amos Franklin
728Tressler Harvey EdwardGermany
947Trimmer Blaine AlfredGettysburg - Second Ward
1055Trimmer Charles EGettysburg - Third Ward
2288Trimmer Cletus RossStraban
1056Trimmer Edward VGettysburg - Third Ward
470Trimmer Howard AaronEast Berlin
469Trimmer Ralph WEast Berlin
1054 Trimmer RalphGettysburg - Third Ward
2282Trimmer Robert GatesStraban
655Trimmer Sylvester WilliamFranklin
346Trone Lawrence GaylartConewago
1090Trostel Wilbur LawrenceHighland
1415Trostle Charles Harry Latimore
1691Trostle Earl BreamMenallen
1413Trostle Floyd ClaytonLatimore
1201Trostle Harry EllsworthHuntington 1
727Trostle Harry LincolnGermany
1416Trostle John EmoryLatimore
1414Trostle John PeterLatimore
948Trostle John UrbanGettysburg - Second Ward
863Trostle Mervin LGettysburg - First Ward
869Trostle Morris PaulGettysburg - First Ward
1138Trostle Titus EliHamilton
1580Trout Henry Charles Liberty
864Troxell Harry JayGettysburg - First Ward
503Troxell Lloyd CharlesFreedom
1692Tuckey Charles CalvinMenallen
149Tuckey EmoryBendersville
868Twomey Francis EdwardGettysburg - First Ward
82Ulrich John AndrewBiglerville
729Ulrich Thomas ClevelandGermany
441Vaughn Leslie JohnCumberland
442Vaughn Roy ClarenceCumberland
1582Vincent EdwardLiberty
443Wachter George JamesCumberland
1420Wackerman Josiah ArthurLatimore
2290Waddle John HarrisonStraban
1366Wagaman AndrewHamiltonban 2
1365Wagaman Arthur PHamiltonban 2
1805Wagaman Bernard AugustusMt. Pleasant 3
444Wagaman Clarence EdwardCumberland
1860Wagaman Harry JohnMcSherrystown 1
1936Wagaman James LeoMcSherrystown 2
1419Wagner Elmer ClaytonLatimore
2289Wagner Harley VintonStraban
1421Wagner Raymond EzraLatimore
953Wagner Thomas GreenleafGettysburg - Second Ward
1519Wahler Ralph EdwardLittlestown
1997Walker Allen HarryMt. Joy
82Walter Frederick KlughBiglerville
1345Walter Harvey TobiasHamiltonban 1
1346Walter Ira MusselmanHamiltonban 1
2294Walter Leroy WilsonStraban
240Walters Charles EdwardButler
239Walters Earl WilsonButler
348Walters Emory JamesConewago
1139Waltman John LeroyHamilton
84Wampler George JosephBiglerville
1994Wareheim Lester JohnMt. Joy
733Warehime Oscar DentonGermany
2405Warner Clarence EldenUnion
347Warner Edward ClaytonConewago
1696Warren Blaine NelsonMenallen
1693Warren Charles LeonardMenallen
1695Warren Dennis ElwoodMenallen
1694Warren Emmert HarrisonMenallen
1064Warren Herbert StevensGettysburg - Third Ward
45Warren J MelvinArendtsville
1061Watson Frank JamesGettysburg - Third Ward
1347Watson Harry WilliamHamiltonban 1
1348Watson Robert WalterHamiltonban 1
2293Weaner Roy AlvinStraban
1697Weaner Russell Earl Menallen
2124Weaver Charles VOxford
1854Weaver Clair EugeneMcSherrystown 1
1934Weaver Claude EdgarMcSherrystown 2
1855Weaver Claude EdwMcSherrystown 1
1808Weaver Edward LewisMt. Pleasant 3
2295Weaver Franklin SmyserStraban
1935Weaver George AllenMcSherrystown 2
1932Weaver Guy WilliamMcSherrystown 2
1809Weaver John IrvinMt. Pleasant 3
349Weaver John WilliamConewago
2125Weaver Joseph LOxford
1092Weaver Lahman CorneliusHighland
1862Weaver Leo GroverMcSherrystown 1
350Weaver Luther EarlConewago
2058Weaver Paul DavidNew Oxford
1521Weaver Paul EdgarLittlestown
2061Weaver Paul SylvesterNew Oxford
1933Weaver Preston JacobMcSherrystown 2
472Weaver Robert RandelEast Berlin
1528Weaver S MalcolmLittlestown
1859Weaver Sylvester JosephMcSherrystown 1
235Weaver TheodoreButler
1807Weaver William JacobMt. Pleasant 3
1202Weidner Ira ClaytonHuntington 1
2426Weidner William MYork Springs
1233Weidner WilliamHuntington 2
1142Weigard Jacob EarlHamilton
351Weigle FranklinConewago
2328Weigle Freeman WTyrone 1
1698Weigle John WillisMenallen
1425Weigle Norman AlexanderLatimore
2327Weigle Walter ATyrone 1
1349Weikert Clarence EdwinHamiltonban 1
1996Weikert Daniel MervinMt. Joy
1806Weikert Edward LutherMt. Pleasant 3
1063Weikert Geo WGettysburg - Third Ward
876Weikert Geo SGettysburg - First Ward
236Weikert George RobertButler
1725Weikert Harry SpencerMt. Pleasant 1
662Weikert Isaac PaulFranklin
1094Weikert Mahlon ClarenceHighland
1350Weikert Preston IvanHamiltonban 1
150Weirman Harold Bendersville
1583Weisharr James AllenLiberty
1584Weisharr Michael CharlesLiberty
661Welch HarryFranklin
352Weller Harry StevensConewago
1522Welty Arthur RLittlestown
1699Wenk David GuyMenallen
1700Wenk John BreamMenallen
504Wenschof Harry BruceFreedom
505Wenschof Robert Annon Freedom
1144Wentz Harper JacobHamilton
875Wentz Roy WalterGettysburg - First Ward
1093Wetzel Mickley LutherHighland
878Weygandt Samuel JamesGettysburg - First Ward
1523Wherley Elmer GeorgeLittlestown
1525Wherley Howard TLittlestown
529White Eston Crawford Fairfield
237White James RoweButler
506White William McClean Freedom
1529Wickey N J GouldLittlestown
952Widder B EGettysburg - Second Ward
1861Wierman Clarence JosephMcSherrystown 1
1857Wierman George IgnatiusMcSherrystown 1
46Wierman Paul DennisArendtsville
1858Wierman Robert JacobMcSherrystown 1
353Wiest George HenryConewago
1143Wildasin Edwin HenryHamilton
354Wildasin George HConewago
1140Wildasin HarryHamilton
2406Wildasin Harvey ClintonUnion
355Wildasin Irvin AndrewConewago
1520Wildasin John ELittlestown
356Wildasin Riley ClintonConewago
357Wildasin Samuel ClaytonConewago
659Wilkinson A JosephFranklin
238Wilkinson Amos RobertButler
657Wilkinson FrankFranklin
234Wilkinson Thomas DavidButler
1856Willet Edw DavidMcSherrystown 1
732Willet George HenryGermany
1418Williams Abel Bertram CletusLatimore
1060Williams Ira LawrenceGettysburg - Third Ward
447Williams John SylvesterCumberland
446Williams Joseph AlbertCumberland
1422Williams Lewis AlexandriaLatimore
880Williams Meader IraGettysburg - First Ward
1702Wilson John GeorgeMenallen
877Wilson Robert AllenGettysburg - First Ward
1701Wilson Wm B Menallen
1524Wilt William HenryLittlestown
1234Winand Earl WillisHuntington 2
2206Winand John ParrenReading
2205Winand Lloyd TecumpseyReading
123Winand Paul TempestBerwick
950Wing Stephen RemingtonGettysburg - Second Ward
358Winters Edwin WmConewago
1526Wintrode Claude ELittlestown
2207Wise John RomanReading
233Wisler Charles WilbertButler
1141Wisler George ElmerHamilton
879Wisler Lloyd EdgarGettysburg - First Ward
47Wisler Lloyd M Arendtsville
2407Wisler Samuel DavidUnion
1527Wisotzkey Harry BLittlestown
2059Withers Ivan FrancisNew Oxford
2291Witter Harper HenryStraban
2126Wolf Amos BOxford
20Wolf Clair HAbbottstown
507Wolf Clarence EdwardFreedom
1998Wolf Clayton CharlesMt. Joy
359Wolf Emory MartinConewago
1995Wolf Eugene ClarenceMt. Joy
19Wolf Floyd EAbbottstown
1423Wolf Guy RobertLatimore
1424Wolf Howard AlexandriaLatimore
1351Wolf Jacob PaulHamiltonban 1
1352Wolf John FranklinHamiltonban 1
21Wolf John HeimerAbbottstown
2208Wolf John WilliamReading
2060Wolf Raymond MyersNew Oxford
445Wolf Roy ClarenceCumberland
2292Wolf William DorseyStraban
730Wolf Ernest AlbertGermany
125Wolf Clarence Raffensperger Berwick
660Wolfard W Clement Franklin
124Wolfe David LevereBerwick
2128Wolford John DOxford
2129Wolford Marks WOxford
2127Wolford MervinOxford
731Wollet Kessler ClairGermany
658Woodward D FredFranklin
656Woodward WilliamFranklin
1999Worley Barkley AddisonMt. Joy
360Worley Charles HenryConewago
1417Worley Chester BernardLatimore
1091Wormley Clement JosephHighland
951Wright Clarence LutherGettysburg - Second Ward
471Wright Claude EdgarEast Berlin
1062Wright Jacob JessieGettysburg - Third Ward
1937Yantis Brook FrancisMcSherrystown 2
2427Yeagy Elmer EYork Springs
2408Yealey John JacobUnion
1531Yealy George WLittlestown
1530Yingling Charles OscarLittlestown
2296Yingling Clarence MathisStraban
1532Yingling Edgar FLittlestown
663Yingling Ephraim FelixFranklin
1065Yingling Robert NathanielGettysburg - Third Ward
1533Yingling William ALittlestown
2062Yingling William EdwardNew Oxford
1145Yohe Calvin OswaldHamilton
1426Yohe Cyrus MillerLatimore
448Yohe David ACumberland
664Yohe Edward CorneliusFranklin
1863Yohe Harry JosephMcSherrystown 1
2210Yohe John AndrewReading
2209Yohe Luther AlbertReading
2000Young Samuel CharlesMt. Joy
22Zartman Geo WAbbottstown
2297Zartman William ArchieStraban
2063Zeigler George EmoryNew Oxford
2211Zeigler Raymond EugeneReading
1534Zepp Herbert JLittlestown
1203Zepp John CalvinHuntington 1
2409Zepp Levi ClevelandUnion
1066 Zhea Charles RudolphGettysburg - Third Ward
954Zinkand Edward JosephGettysburg - Second Ward
126Zinn John FrederickBerwick
1864Zinn Kenneth DanielMcSherrystown 1
127Zinn Mervin JacobBerwick
881Zinn Royal EugeneGettysburg - First Ward
449Zurgable John FrancisCumberland

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