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The Glattfelder family originated in Glattfelden, Zurich, Switzerland.  Most descendants of the family in America come from two brothers: Casper and Johan Peter Glattfelder.  They were the sons of Felix Glattfelder, b. 1669.  

Casper, b. 1709 and Johan Peter, b. 1700 set out for the Carolinas in 1742.  Johan Peter died in route and the two families returned to Glattfelden. The following year the two families left again for America, landing in Philadelphia 30 August 1743 on the ship "Francis and Elizabeth".  Both families settled for a time in York County, Pennsylvania. Many of Casper's descendants are found there today.  

Soon after settling down however, two sons of Johan Peter, Felix and Johan Rudolf, left for North Carolina.  Their descendants are found mostly in and around Davidson and Rowan Counties, North Carolina.  This North Carolina branch changed the spelling of their name to Clodfelter.  A daughter of Johan Peter, Lisabeth Glattfelder, married Jacob Rhyne.  Their descendants are found largely in the Lincolnton-Gastonia area of North Carollina.  A brief overview of the Rhyne Family can be found on this site. Another sister, Barbara Glattfelder,  married Johannes Hildebrand and stayed in the York County, Pennsylvania.

The oldest son of Casper Glattfelder was Solomon by his first wife.  He and his father had a falling out over a money matter. It is supposed that he may have changed his name to Glotfelty because of this.  This family is mostly found in Garrett County, Maryland and Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  Durst is also a prominant surname amongst the descendants of Solomon coming through Lightfoot John Durst.  We also have an overview on the family of Solomon Glattfelder whose descendants have taken the surname of Glotfelty and Glotfelter at the Solomon webpage.

The other sons of Casper Glattfelder show surnames of Glatfelder and Gladfelter.  The family joke is that the T's have the money and the D's don't.  Their descendants are found from coast to coast but are concentrated in York County, Pennsylvania.

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Common Entry Points to the FamilyHart Database for the Glattffelder Families:

Adam Glattfelder (1540-?)

Casper Glattffelder (1709-1775)

Johan Peter Glattfelder (1700-1742)

Solomon Glotfelty (1738-1818)

Felix Clodfelter (1727-1814)

Rudolf Clodfelter (1731-1810)

Johannes Hildebrand (1715-1783)

Jacob Rhyne (1726-1793)

Lightfoot John Durst (1767-1840)

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