Our Dierdorff Ancestry

Anthony Dierdorff settled with his wife in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  His sister was Mary Dierdorff.  Her husband settled in Hunterdon County as well. His name was Johannes Trimmer.  Mary Dierdorff Trimmer died on route to America.  The family spread out from there to northern New Jersey; Adams County, PA; York County, PA and points west.  Some also went to Virginia. In Adams County, Pennsylvania they intermarried with the Bosserman, Brugh, Toms and Trostle families.  We have over 41,000 descendants of these families in our database.  It has been said that Anthony and Mary's father was Anthony Dierdorff.  At this time it is considered speculation.  For database linking purposes, we show their father as Anthony.

Common Entry Points to the FamilyHart Database for the Dierdorff Family:

Anthony Dierdorff (1683-1743)

Johannes Trimmer (1690-1750)

Hermannus Brugh (1722-1794)

Abraham Trostle (1715-1769)

Willam Toms (1746-1823)

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